Auto clean vs Normal Chimney (Which Is Better)

Every day new inventions are discovered, people are now choosing more convenience and higher efficiency in their lives, even technology and innovation have been adopted in our kitchen areas. The kitchen chimney is one of such inventions we are using to extract and reduce unhealthy elements found in the kitchen.

Elimination of these elements is essential to your and your loved ones’ safety and health. People are confused about whether to use auto clean vs normal chimney. Probably, they don’t know much about auto-clean chimneys.

And in this article, we will break all the myths about auto clean vs normal chimney, and by the end probably be in a better place to decide which one to choose.

Most of the people still use normal/manual kitchen chimneys. For sure, there are many reasons why you might want to use normal or auto-clean chimneys.

Auto clean vs normal kitchen chimney (Comparision)

normal kitchen chimney is one that you are regularly using in your kitchen. This type of kitchen chimney ordinarily liquidates and expels noxious bodies from your kitchen. On the other hand, when we talk about an auto-clean kitchen chimney it’s frequently used in every kitchen these days.

As technology prevails everywhere in our lives people become ease-lovers and want everything perfect without any struggle. So, it is perfect for those people who are busy and have no time for deep cleaning. It is also difficult for individuals and the elderly.

It’s not easy to remove all the dirt from the counter, dry it and clean the kitchen tiles, creating a modern and clean kitchen look. The AutoClean Chimney is provided with a unique oil collector that can separate oil from smoke and haze.

The jots get ensnared in chimney blowing filters while hot gases escape to the outside of the house. It works effectively and efficiently to purify the air and atmosphere of the kitchen further, the auto-Clean chimney assists you to keep your chimney at a lower maintenance cost.

Types Of Kitchen Chimney

Auto clean vs manual chimney


Both the chimneys are different from each other in many aspects like;

Stability and lifespan

The Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney befalls with automatic cleaning features. That is the reason it can stay fresh and viable for a long time. It would not be wrong to say that auto-clean chimneys increase the durability and lifespan of chimneys.

For this distinct reason, you can say that Auto Clean Fireplace is the best choice rather than the manual chimney.

Suction capacity and filters

The filters of normal chimneys are stuck because of the grease stickers on the surface of the filters. Over time, the filters will be packed with grease, leaving no room for new particles and suction.

Auto Clean chimneys come with heat blowers that help to separate oil from other particles and collect it in the separate oil collector, so it helps to keep the suction capacity excellent.

Difference of maintenance

Auto Clean Chimneys help us with hassle-free maintenance due to their advanced functions. Its maker works fast. Its automated system ensures that its chances of failure are rare. Compared to a normal kitchen chimney, and auto-clean kitchen chimney works more efficiently. 

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Minimize the maintenance of cleaning filters

In auto-clean kitchen chimneys, the oil collector does not require recurring cleaning hence, this cleaning can reduce extensive maintenance of the filter. You require to outlast the oil collectors evacuated to avoid any critical situation. 

Oil clogging preventive

Auto Clean Kitchen chimney prevents oil buildup in the interior of your chimney. Therefore, this may be a reason why you need an auto-clean kitchen chimney for your perfect and healthy kitchen.

If you are going to buy a chimney for your kitchen, you’ll be able to choose which kitchen chimney is more reliable between auto clean and normal. Here is a little comparison of both the chimneys for your convenience.

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Auto clean chimney vs Normal chimney (Criteria)


The oil does not stick to the filter, which increases the efficiency and endurance of the chimney. The chimney prolongs its life. The oil gets trapped, filters, and clogs in the interior and affects the age of the chimney body and interior.

Oil Collectors

The blowers absorb oil from kitchen fumes and reserve the oil in an oil collector or bowl. The oil sticks to the filters and interior and affects the chimney figures and interior.

Suction Power

Minute parts of grease stick to the filter due to separate oil collectors, so the suction power remains efficient. The suction power decreases due to oil stickiness and clogged filters.

Filter Cleaning

Less filter cleaning effort is involved on account of heat blowers that separate oil and other particles store them into separate collectors and prevent grease from sticking to the filter.

Cleaning this filter is a highly laborious task because grease is stuck to the filer and clogging it.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Clear the oil accumulator once a month and gently cleanse the filters. Due to the oil particles, the filters are extremely packed accordingly the filters need to be wiped twice a month, and it takes a lot of effort to wash the filled filters.


Auto-clean chimneys are a bit more expensive as compared to manual chimneys. These chimneys are of the medium price range.

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Why Kitchen chimney Is A necessary equipment

The purpose of the kitchen chimney is to keep our kitchen clean, odor-free, and smoke-free. Indian cooking is all about frying, deep-frying, BBQs, terraces, and all that. When we cook something in the kitchen, the oil particles coming out of it stick to different fragments and make it look dirty.

It will spread the contamination with which our kitchen tiles and shelves will start to grease over time. Chimneys suck these oil particles and smoke from the kitchen. They are playing a significant role in maintaining the kitchen environment and keeping it fresh.

Kitchen Chimneys Category

Kitchen chimneys are distinguished by the qualities, functions, properties, and determinants of the two series. However, the purpose of both fireplaces is the same to keep your kitchen safe and healthy. They differ from each other in many aspects

1. Suction Power

Manual chimney, stored debris of oil jots abolish the suction power of the chimney. These defects in the normal chimney affect its productivity so there is no way to enter the grease into the auto-clean chimney. The suction power increases all the time. It engulfs all the smoke and scraps of cooking into it.

2. Stability and longevity

All the oil and other substances released during cooking stay inside the chimney, and it can damage the whole parts of the chimney and the body. It affects parts of the chimney. It is the only reason why the age of the manual chimney is not extended.

The oil collector trait rendered by the auto-clean chimney traps all the oil particles there. As a result, it does not damage the interior of the chimney. Because of this, an auto-clean chimney hangs, and reliability is much better than a normal chimney.

3. Auto-Clean and Normal Chimney Procedure and Working

The normal/manual chimney disrobes the user of the convenience of collecting oil. Oil particles and grease go directly to the normal chimney frame. Aforementioned, the oil particles get trapped around the inner walls of the chimney, while the auto-clean chimney has an oil collector made of non-stick material of aluminum.

It helps to collect all the oil particles discharged from the fumes. Contemporaneous, there is a separate oil collector in the form of a container or bowl. All scraps and grease are stored in these containers.

4. Maintenance cycle

A normal chimney needs to be cleaned in small intervals. There is still a risk of oil spills in the interior, so it is essential to clean the filter and the interior to avoid the risk of debris. Otherwise, the normal chimney loses its functionality. It may stick up badly.

As a result, there is an urgent call for professional help whereas, the auto-clean chimney presents the opportunity to clean the chimney interior with one click, permanently automatically. Moreover, the auto-clean chimney can be cleaned once or twice a month.

To do this, a simply fabulous way of removing the oil receptacle from the chimney and removing all its debris will work.

5. Expense determinant

A manual chimney is enormously cheaper than an auto-clean chimney, yet it is expensive to maintain and repair. According to an estimate, the normal chimney is more expensive considering all the factors whereas, an auto-clean chimney is more expensive than a manual one, palpably.

But if you contemplate the features of an auto-clean chimney, it saves money on repairs and maintenance.

How To Calculate Correct Kitchen Chimney Size

 kitchen chimney for medium size kitchen

 Modern kitchen with chimney breast

You can decorate the kitchen with aesthetically delightful chimneys. Many brands and models of kitchen chimneys are obtainable from the markets and online stores as well. These brands provide you with customized designs for your modern kitchen.

Pros and cons of Auto-Clean and Normal kitchen chimney


The normal chimney has an impotent blower, indicating that the suction power is lower than the auto-clean chimney. Because of this, the oil particles entrap in the chimney fences become very large and stick to these filters.

It uses maximum power for the blower to clean the hot gases. It means that the chimney necessitates routine maintenance, which is pretty expensive. Opposed to that, the auto-clean chimney has filters that reduce the speculation of lurking oil particles, consequently increasing the work efficiency without suffering any extra cost.

It also means that the chances of damage are low, so regular repairs and maintenance will save you the money you need.


It is elucidated that an auto-clean chimney enhances the decor of a kitchen. This allows the kitchen to providing the best and most beautiful look, while the normal chimney is not captive to engage in this.


Noise directly relates to the suction power of a chimney. The suction power of the auto-clean chimney makes it less noisy. The normal chimney is a cause of the noise.

Money accumulation

The modern chimney has provided an opportunity to save money. Technology solely has made it easier to save money. Comfort appliances work just as well as saving money. Conversely, a normal chimney may be cheaper, but it acts as a vermin for savings as it will require fees to be employed on repair and maintenance of the workers.


The normal chimney is not so resilient. It begins with the frustration for the owner with spending too much time on it. It takes cleaning forever.

Spots and stains grow abandoned around the inner valve, which needs to be avoided rather than that auto-Clean kitchen Chimney is a time-saving device. Compared to a manual chimney, it is admittedly more enduring. Furthermore, it pays to clean the air in the room as well as keep itself clean.

Easy to clean and maintain

The normal chimney is arduous to maintain and laborious to clean. All oil and other particles sucked by filters get stuck on the inner frame and filter of the chimney while cleaning an auto-clean chimney is much easier than a normal chimney.

You just have to remove the oil collectors, wash them with dishwashing soap, and routine cleaning is done.

A buoyant and beautiful look

Auto-Clean Chimney is reaped from several models. Models have nuances that enhance the look of the kitchen. The presence of a chimney provides a conventional preview. 

Sound and Healthy environment

Lastly, keeping an auto-clean chimney is an extra feature of rendering a sound and healthy environment. Affable features of this type of chimney enable it to perform well.

Normal kitchen chimneys are old-fashioned, and it’s a little scary to use in an age where technology is rapidly growing, and people are growing with it. Kitchen auto-clean chimneys are designed according to the ease of people using them.

They are composed of innovations like automated on/off traits, slow suction at low power, and LED lamps for illumination. Hence, they are easy to use, clean, maintain, less noisy, and energy-efficient. Moreover, they make the kitchen environment healthier and happier.

Is an auto-clean chimney better?

Yes, auto clean is better than a normal or manual chimney.

Which chimney is the best auto clean or manual?

An auto-clean chimney is best in every aspect.

What does auto clean do in chimneys?

Basically, an auto clean chimney is advanced technology-driven equipment that can automate most of the tasks with just a switch of a button.

Which type of chimney is better?

An auto-clean chimney is better as compared to others.

What is the auto-clean chimney?

An auto-clean kitchen chimney it’s frequently used in every kitchen these days.
As technology prevails everywhere in our lives people become ease-lovers and want everything perfect without any struggle. So, it is perfect for those people who are busy and have no time for deep cleaning. It is also difficult for individuals and the elderly.
It’s not easy to remove all the dirt from the counter, dry it and clean the kitchen tiles, creating a modern and clean kitchen look. The AutoClean Chimney is provided with a unique oil collector that can separate oil from smoke and haze.


Final Remark (Closing Note)

I hope by now you are in a better situation which kitchen chimney is better for your kitchen. We are not against normal kitchen chimneys but since the technology is evolving at such a pace many things become outdated over a period of time.
In our opinion, an auto-clean chimney can be a better decision if you are planning to buy it for home safety and keep it fresh and clean.

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