Kitchen chimneys have become an important part of every modular kitchen and it does play an important role in kitchens. But the issue arises when we have to select between the Baffle filter vs Auto clean Kitchen chimney.

Although both are useful and are in demand, it is also true that one has some significant properties that the other does not. And if you are also confused between the both then this article is for you.

In this article, we have covered the main difference between the Baffle filter vs auto clean kitchen chimney, which is more useful as per your requirements, and a short comparison between both types of chimneys.

Baffle filter vs auto clean kitchen chimney

Although both have their own features and unique selling point to make it a better choice for kitchen chimney lovers when we compare baffle filter vs auto clean kitchen chimney. Then we not only cover its pros but also cons so that by the time you finish reading the article you are in a better state to choose which one fulfills your requirements and which one you should go for.

However, there are certain parameters we have taken into consideration during the comparison between baffle filter vs auto clean kitchen chimney, that you will discover while you continue through the post.

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baffle filter vs auto clean kitchen chimney
baffle filter vs auto clean kitchen chimney

Baffle Filter Chimney

With one of the advanced filter technology Baffle filter chimneys are high in demand every time. This filter chimney is an upgraded version of a regular mesh filter, Baffle filter’s curved plates are made up of high-quality aluminum or stainless steel that regulates the airflow.

These curved plates work in a way that, when the smoke rises from the stove, these curved plates change the direction of the smoke and traps the oil or grease particles on the baffle filter, Thus letting the gas particles exit from the exhaust pipe.

The working of the Baffle filter depends on a mechanism known as ‘cut and splash’. This mechanism helps the filter trap or separate the oil or grease particles from the gas and letting the small particles exit from the chimney.

This type of chimney filter is best for Indian households as most Indian houses prepare food that has high oil and spices amounts. The build quality of the baffle chimney is really strong and it is one of the main reasons for its high price than other filtered chimneys.

Also, the maintenance of the Baffle chimney is not much, it requires manual cleaning every 2-3 months. The cleaning process for the Baffle chimney is simple, one has to just detach the baffles and can wash them on their own or in the dishwasher. Baffle filter is better than other filters like mesh and charcoal filters and requires less maintenance than others.

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Baffle Filter Features and Key points

Here are some key points about baffle filter which will help you to understand it more easily –

  • Perfect for houses where a high amount of oil and spices are loved
  • Less maintenance and is easy to clean
  • Less noise production
  • Build quality is better than other filtered chimneys
  • Baffle filters are also available with auto filters, thus making it more in demand
  • Once installed works for a long time and thus making it value for money
  • Better than other filter chimneys like Mash and Charcoal

Auto clean kitchen chimney

Baffle Filter vs Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney 1
auto clean kitchen chimney

The functioning of this chimney is in its name, as the name suggests it has an automatic cleaning system that does not require any manual cleaning.

Auto clean kitchen chimney is also known as the filter less chimney, these chimneys do not have any filters and thus letting all gas and particles be sucked directly by the motor and because of less cleaning headache, it does not require maintenance for the long term, thus making maintenance costs almost zero.

As the chimney has no filter, the motor works more efficiently and applies its maximum suction capacity which makes the kitchen smoke-free. To collect oil or grease it has an oil collector, which can be later clean by just pressing one button and it hardly takes 15-20 minutes for the whole process to be done.

It is observed that filtered chimneys get clogged due to filters which decrease their suction power but there is no problem of clogging in auto clean chimneys. Also, the place for the motor is selected in a way that there is no problem with smoke or other particles while exiting.

Such chimneys are mostly preferred by people who do have not enough time for manually cleaning the chimneys and thus want an automatic cleaning process. Although auto-clean chimneys are not good for houses with heavy oil usage. It is most preferred for houses that usage little to no oil while cooking.

Auto clean chimney Features and key points

  • Almost no maintenance cost
  • Does not produce any sound while operating
  • Best for houses where less oil and spices are loved
  • High price
  • Suction capacity is powerful
  • Do not require any manual cleaning process
  • Suitable for people with a busy lifestyle


The baffle filter chimney and auto clean chimney both are upgraded versions of old chimneys, and both work amazingly once installed Although the cost of a baffle filter chimney is less than that of the auto clean chimney.

If we talk about auto clean chimney they come up with no filters and thus requires no maintenance, on the other hand, baffle filter chimneys have a filter installed in them which collects the oil and grease in them and thus requires some maintenance in a long term.

Both chimneys have the same properties and only differs in two categories one is filtered and the second is the cleaning process, otherwise both are a good option for modular or traditional kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the major difference between a baffle filter chimney and an auto-clean chimney?

The main difference between the baffle filter chimney and auto clean chimney is that the baffle filter requires manual cleaning on the other hand auto clean chimneys do not require any manual cleaning. Also, auto clean chimney comes with no filter.

2. Does the baffle filter affects the suction power of the motor?

No, the baffle filter does not affect the suction power of the motor and thus making it powerful and effective.

3. Can a Baffle filter be clean in a dishwasher?

Yes, you can clean baffle filters in the dishwasher and it is safe.

4. Which type of chimney is more suitable for the Indian cooking style, a Baffle filter or Auto clean?

For the Indian cooking style where oil and spices are used it is better to use baffle filter chimneys as they will separate the oil or grease particle from the smoke and let pass the smoke from the exhaust pipe.

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