Best Kitchen Chimney Brands to Look in 2022

A healthy kitchen holds a unique importance in every home. A home will look really raucous if it is not aided with a standard chimney. The health of the people living in the home depends on the quality of equipment used in the kitchens.

Tell you what; one can never breathe in fresh air if all of the harmful gases are not taken out of the kitchen while someone is cooking inside. It is not about the health of people living in or around the kitchen but also about the beauty of the kitchen.

Yes, your kitchen can also mind the oil and smoke coming out of the pot on the stove.

All of the tile work, painting, and, woodwork will look dull if you do not bother to through the oily smoke out of the window. Entire kitchenware will get sticky if you do not bother buying the best chimney for your kitchen.

A chimney is imperative for your health while it is also vital for the beauty of your kitchenware range. 

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands to Look at in 2022

Kitchen chimneys are a necessary part of every modern kitchen as they can help keep the kitchen clean and healthy. It is easy to avoid stains and patches on the stuff of the kitchen when you have installed a fine-class chimney in your kitchen.

Kitchen cleaning can become an easy task to accomplish when you are able to avoid oil being spread with the smoke all around the kitchen. So now, if you have made your mind to buy a top-class chimney for your kitchen then it’s time to take a look at some splendid chimneys.

The following described chimney brands are considered the top chimney brands in the world. You can choose one from the list to make your kitchen look neat and tidy. It will surely ensure a healthy work environment for you in the kitchen.

Now let’s take a look at some fine chimney brands for your kitchen before we proceed on to take a look at the difference between different types of chimneys. 

Best chimney brands for a happy kitchen

The following chimney brands have been taken as the best for their performance and quality. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Best Kitchen chimney brands
Best Kitchen chimney brands

1. Hindware 90cm auto clean chimney

Top Pick

Hindware 90cm auto clean chimney

Nevio 90, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey Check On Amazon

Hindware is undoubtedly the Best kitchen chimney brand among all the top chimneys. It offers premium quality features when it comes to performance and cleanliness. If you are looking to keep your kitchen clean and tidy then the hindware should be your first choice.

It is an amazing-quality chimney that is installed to take all the extra stuff out of your kitchen. It can single handily clean it all by consuming the nominal amount of electricity. The glass curved body makes hindware chimney look even astonishing in modern-day kitchens.

It works at just 180 watts and cleans your kitchen automatically. 

Product features:

• Thermal auto cleaning

• Feather touch control 

• Metallic oil collector cup

• Metal bowlers

• Noise-less (makes a very little noise for serene, hassle-free cooking)

• Stainless steel body 

• Lightweight 

2. Elica 60cm auto clean chimney

Elica 60cm auto clean chimney

WD HAC TOUCH BF 60, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Black Check On Amazon

Elica has won many hearts for its design and superior performance. Elica chimney is serving many cooking experts around the globe with perfection. It is not only used in homes but also at hotels and restaurants. It can tirelessly clean a kitchen by leaving absolutely nothing behind.

It is best for a two-burner stove but can work with up to 4 burners at a time. Its powerful motor helps it suck everything that can tarnish your kitchen in any way. You can fry freely inside your kitchen as Elica promises to take all the oil out in no time.

It usually comes with a 5-year warranty but keeps working properly beyond the warranty period. If you want to compare chimneys for the kitchen then never forget to add Elica to your list of best chimneys. 

Product features:

• Smokestack for smoke-free cooking all day long.

• LED lamps

• Baffle filter 

• Max airflow 

• Auto clean technology

• Oil collecting panel 

• Easy to install 

3. Eurodomo 60m auto clean kitchen chimney

Eurodomo 60m auto clean chimney

Sapphire PB SS 60, Baffle Filter, Stainless Steel Check On Amazon

It is one of the most promising and best-performing kitchen chimneys around us. It comes in black color with curved class and that’s what makes it adopt many modern kitchens with perfection. It is not only best in style but also in working inside the cooking places.

Its suction capacity of 1200m3/hr makes it one of the most powerful chimneys while an aided baffle filter is always there to assist in suction. A lot of people think of cleaning baffle filters but eurodomo requires cleaning after six months and that’s what makes it the Best kitchen chimney brand.

One can buy it without worrying about extra matters as it promises to perform in every condition. 

Product features:

• Elegant design 

• Baffle filters 

• Touch control panel 

• LED lights 

• Super suction power 

• Light in weight 

• Easy to install 

Comparison Elica vs Faber vs Hindware

4. Faber 90cm auto clean chimney 

Faber 90cm auto clean chimney 

(HOOD PRIMUS PLUS ENERGY HC SC BK 90, Baffle Filter Check On Amazon

Faber, another big name in the kitchen chimneys, can make your kitchen look crystal clear on a consistent basis. It can work proficiently with 3 to 5 stove burners. A 200 sq. foot kitchen can be kept clean and tidy with the use of this splendid chimney.

It is taken as the Best kitchen chimney brand for its ability to deliver high-class performance on a regular basis. The auto-clean functionality coupled with a touch control panel makes it very easy to operate in all environments. It comes in curved glass, a wall-mounted design and that’s what makes it look even splendid. 

Product features:

• Powerful motor 

• Heat auto clean

• Low noise level (high noise control)

• Attractive LED lights 

• Touch control 

• Oil collector 

• Excellent suction power  

5. Glen 60cm pyramid chimney

Glen 60cm pyramid chimney

6075 SS, Baffle Filters, Push Button Control Check On Amazon

Pyramids of Egypt might have been making people wonder but even wondering if the Glen pyramid kitchen chimney. It is one of the best kitchen chimneys in the world without any exaggeration. It is matchless in design, durability, performance, and, class.

It can take you by surprise when you take a look at it but it will make you wonder when you start working with it. It comes in silver color and can operate at its best with 2 to 4 stove burners.

It has medium-range suction and, therefore, you can use it in medium-level frying and grilling. Despite being a little low in power, it can still manage to keep your kitchen clean in every case. 

Product features:

• Ease of control 

• Matt finish the design 

• Stainless steel baffle filters

• Powerful suction 

• Discerning safety

• FRP housing 

• Easy to install 

• Durable body

6. Elica 90cm 1425m3/hr kitchen chimney

Elica chimney is indeed one of the top chimney brands in the world. It has earned that repute by developing a product for different level users. It offers chimneys with a range of suction power and that’s what helps it meet the needs of different customers.

A 60cm chimney might prove productive at homes but elica 90cm is surely required at a hotel. People fond of freestyle cooking can also install it at home with equal perfection. It can work well at a home as well. It has a fine-class motion sensor technology and that’s what helps it work in different environments with equal perfection.

It comes with an installation kit to help you install this beautiful machine in your kitchen. The baffle filters and oil collector makes it look like the Best kitchen chimney brand for every kitchen. The other good features are described below.

Product features:

• Baffle filters 

• Motion sensor control 

• Installation kit 

• Striking design

• Heat auto-clean technology 

• LED lamps 

• Oil collector 

• Touch control panel 

Things to consider while buying a chimney

A lot of people keep searching for the best brands but remain confused about what to choose among them all. While many others want to know how to choose a chimney for the kitchen. This is where we have come up with a useful guide to help people choose simply the best for their kitchen.

Buyer demands and needs can vary as there can be a different sized kitchen with a different number of burners. While there are many entities that do not just want to use more than two burners at a time. Thus, buying the best chimney brand can always be a bit trickier. 

Price remains a matter of concern for many around us while others just want to buy at any cost. A few people are worried about durability while others love to see a curved glass chimney in their kitchen.

The demands and needs can remain variable thus we have some features to offer, to help people make wise decisions. Here are seven features for which you can compare chimneys to choose the best one for your kitchen. 

1. It should not be noisy

Tell you what; a power motor should never be the only thing you should ensure while buying a chimney. You are rather required to ensure that it works by making very little or no noise. A noisy kitchen chimney can be a matter of real-time headache. It can make even the charming cooking look like a boring task. 

2. It must be just in size

Just size is always the right size as many people cannot afford to have a large chimney in their small-sized kitchen. Space is a matter of concern when we talk about kitchens and a just size is a hallmark feature of every Best kitchen chimney brand.

3. Indicator aided functions

A good kitchen chimney will always indicate to you when it is starting or stopping. It will also inform you about filter change and other cleaning operations. A buzzer is usually there to inform users in this regard. A smart chimney helps people work freely, without worrying about extra responsibilities. 

4. Detachable oil collector

Since chimneys are used to working with oil all the time. Hence, an oil collector is a must-have feature of every Best kitchen chimney brand. It should however be detachable so that one should be able to empty it when required. 

5. Auto-cleaning chimney 

Although not all kitchen chimneys are used to clean themselves on their own. But every Best kitchen chimney brand will serve you with auto-clean technology. Yes, modern technology has made it possible for people to have chimneys that do not require cleaning every now and then. 

6. Suction power

Suction power is the most necessary feature to look for when it comes to selecting the best chimney for your kitchen. A chimney with useful suction power is the only way forward for your cooking. One must pick an appropriate suction power after taking the size of the kitchen into the account. 

7. Price

Last but not least is the price of the chimneys. One must compare chimneys for price and features before emptying a pocket for the best one. It is strongly suggested that one should always be paying for the features instead of the brand logo. 

How To Calculate Correct Kitchen Chimney Size

 Modern kitchen with chimney breast

 Double chimney in kitchen

Different Types of Chimneys

There exists a great variety in the types of kitchen chimneys. People who know how to install a kitchen chimney will always find it easy to pick the right one for their kitchen. One can however choose from the list of different types of chimneys described below. 

• Wall-mounted kitchen chimneys 

• Auto-clean chimneys 

• In-built kitchen chimneys 

• Island chimneys


Kitchen chimneys are a necessary part of every modern kitchen. They are not only necessary to keep the kitchen clean but are also vital in maintaining a healthy cooking environment in kitchens. People can reduce the cleaning time by keeping their kitchens free from stains.

It just requires using the right kind of chimney in the kitchens. One can pick from among the top-class kitchen chimneys by comparing different models for design and features. It is easy to make a decision when you know what exactly you are looking for in your kitchen.

Measuring the size of the kitchen can prove productive while picking a chimney for your kitchen. The number of burners should also be considered before selecting a model. Once you are done with sorting your needs then it gets easier than you think to bring the best chimney.

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