The importance of chimneys is as mandatory as fresh air for ventilation. Kitchens are like hotcakes. The occupied place of home, where someone is baking, or cooking, or dining in. Besides cooking, maintaining a cooking range and paving way for the removal of hot gases is another important aspect.

Irrespective of age and gender, cooking has always been among my favorite hobbies. To overcome the grim and oily specks you need to install a chimney or exhaust. This helps to manage the heat and temperature. Especially for the countries like India where fried food and “taka” are compulsory.

Best Kitchen Chimney Under 12000

If you are searching for kitchen adages, this article is meant for you. A quick read will give you an insight into purchasing the best kitchen chimney under 12000 INR in 2021. Previously for everything you have to visit a market or need a lot of time while purchasing. Thanks to the digital world, that has made many tasks easy-going.

Hindware 90 cm 1100 m3/hr (Auto-clean)

When you search for the best kitchen chimney companies around the world, you will find some names at the top. Among the reliable ones, Faber and Elica are prominent. The current read is about purchasing a Hindware chimney for your kitchen.

This Elena base product is furnished with Hindware, the latest technique. The wall-mounted black-colored hood enhances the beauty of your kitchen. The curved glass body with a metallic blower is enough to ventilate the kitchen. On the inner side baffle filters are used to stir smoke from the air.

When it comes to working, it has a strong suction power of 1100 m3/hr. This helps to take out the hot gases and dust. Making low noise this product uses a thermal auto-clean feature. The push-button attribute made its working operation easy for you.

Hindware 90 cm 1100 m3/hr

12 Best Kitchen Chimney Under 12000 1
  • Curved glass, wall mounted
  • Baffle filter
  • Thermal auto clean

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr 

This chimney would be better as it does not run you out of pockets. As far as its design is concerned, this product is designed with metallic ends with bent glass. This kitchen chimney is best for a kitchen having a size of less or more than 200 sq ft.

If your kitchen is loaded with frying or requires cleaning on a daily basis, head over for this product.

Having a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr, this proves to be a reasonable wall-mounted chimney for burners. You will see that the majority of hoods are embedded with baffle filters. The good thing about these filters is that you do not need to clean them on a daily basis. Instead, manage to clean them after 6 months as a must.

You can navigate to the Eurodomo store and can find the most suitable product for your kitchen. The registered brand is famous for producing Faber chimneys.

The invention of chimneys and kitchen-hoods has decreased the kitchen cleaning workload. You have noticed that when you spend some time while cooking or making something. You feel suffocated because the environment gets stuffed with grease and dirt.

This needs proper cleaning and sweeping. With the help of these automates, one can get rid of smoke within seconds. 

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr 

12 Best Kitchen Chimney Under 12000 2
  • Curved Glass, Wall-mounted
  • Warranty: 1 year on the chimney, 5 years on motor
  • Heat Auto-Clean function

Elica Chimney 60 cm 1100 m3/h 

This popular brand is famous for manufacturing quality products. When you look at this, the shiny Nero black apparel grabs your attention. Having a touch system for input and LED lights having 1.5 W is another hallmark of this kitchen chimney.

Other distinct features include suction power of 1100m3/h. The company ensures a warranty for 1-5 years that allows customers to put investment in this product. The glassy outlook and touch system of the chimney made it unique when compared with others. 

The grease absorption filters and efficient LED bulbs are the key attributes that won’t stop you from purchasing the best kitchen chimney under 12000INR in 2021. Analyse the product here and confirm your order after necessary authentication.

Sunflame Chimney

To look for reliable kitchen hoodies, you will prefer the one that creates less noise and has better capability to absorb dirt and smoke. Previously there were no such tools that keep the kitchen cool and dirt-free. 

However, navigating different well-known companies online will help you to purchase premium quality chimneys under 12000 INR.

Sunflame is a popular chimney manufacturing company in India. The good news for you is this product is reasonable and helps you keep your cooking range free from smoke and dirt. 

The sharp-edged steel design of this chimney suits well for your kitchen. The halogen bulbs and tactile input make it feasible to use. Furthermore, the baffle filters and bulbs help you to cook tension-free.

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The Glen Chimney 6063

Finding a product that is reliable and functions more properly is wise. Like Sunflame, Glen is also a well-known brand famous for producing quality chimneys for kitchens at affordable rates. Give a modern look to the kitchen by installing a wall-mount hood.

These 6063 models are optimum for an area of more than 200 sq ft. Despite its low price yet it can remove smoke around 1200 km/h. The unique feature of this motor is to remove and suck oily specks making the environment germ and dirt-free. Have a glance at the nice stainless steel and glass body.

Baffle filter vs auto clean kitchen chimney

Glen 6079

Another efficient kitchen chimney by the same company is Glen 6067, having fewer advanced features than previously. Let’s decor the kitchen area by installing this chimney right above the stove. The cassette filters absorb grease and baffle filters to remove smoke. 

The company’s unique parameter is the insurance of a lifetime guarantee for the powerful motor of this chimney. Thus, it would be profitable for you to opt for this one. The stainless steel, glassy outlook, and side buttons on the top make it perfect to be in your kitchen. Navigate to the related site and make the right decision.

BF Kaff Fim Chimney 60cm

Worrying about purchasing a chimney for your kitchen on a reasonable budget. No issue, you can explore the Kaff Fim products. The affordable company that does not load your savings instead gives you a nice product with mental satisfaction.

For a high wall-mount, you can choose this one. This company is known for manufacturing kitchen accessories including chimneys. The curved glass and stainless-steel body with dual led bulbs. Despite having 1080 m3/h, it has low noise of 56 dB.

Thus, make the environment clean and noise-free also. BF Kaff Fim Chimney is bill-friendly which consumes less electricity and provides the best outcome. Make your Indian kitchen look Italian with just a Chimney installment.

Adla 671 Chimney

Everyone wishes to have a smoke-free kitchen. To turn the dream of a clean green kitchen into reality, read about the best chimney in 2021. This company ensures customer satisfaction by developing handy and stylish chimneys. These products engulf smoke in less time without making noise.

You can explore the delicacy of the product.

The glass and steel outlook has a button or touch method. Besides a good suction power is another prominent feature. 

If you find this product the accurate solution to keep the kitchen dust-free. Visit Amazon and purchase the one that satisfies you more. This company ensures long time working ability, thus, making it more trustworthy for customers.

Prestige Chimney

As the name depicts, a prestige steel-colored chimney is a simple solution to make your kitchen free from heat and germs. You can install it above the stove whether the wall is big or not. The suction capacity of 860 m3/h is enough to keep the air clean. 

You have noticed majorly baffle filters embedded in the chimney. The good about these filters is, you do not have to clean them every week or every month. 

With the gap of 6 months, you need to hire someone or do it yourself, little cleaning. The company provides a warranty of about 6 months for the motor. The bent glass top is heat-resistant and gives a cool appearance. Purchase it as early as possible, spending less than 12000INR.

Metallic Chimney

For a reasonable price range of chimneys, move on to purchase the bright flame company’s metallic chimney. Having a power watt of 250, this dynamic style hoodie is relatable to be a part of your kitchen or cooking spot.

The smart and elegant chimney suits well with your smart kitchen. 1 exhaust fan is enough to pull up the smoky clouds that gather during frying or cooking. Make a call for professionals to help you out in installing the fruitful device.

The easy-to-understand operation and usage make it easy to learn. Even a common man understands its functionality. 

Whether you run a restaurant or for your kitchen, this product is compulsory to be there in the kitchen. 

Hydraulic Chimney

This hydraulic chimney comes in a straight square shape with a royal look. The wall-mounted chimney is capable of providing a suction capacity of 1100m3/hr. Thus, ensuring a cleaning service with a warranty of 5 years on the motor.

The exhaust air comes with 3 push-button speed levels or ranges from slow to high. Based on the working hours or environment, you can choose a level. The filters are fitted inside to gather the dust that needs to be cleaned and removed after 6 months.

Although chimneys are best to share our workload, yet it is your responsibility to manage and maintain the working state. 

Currently, you will find a variety of sprays and soapy solutions that are best to peel off the grim and stickiness you feel after cooking. The view of this chimney seems like an apple watch.

Bright Flame Aster

The bright flame chimney is suitable for a reasonable size of the kitchen. If you are having a 3-stove system, then this chimney is ideal. The handy and smart gadget helps you to eliminate smoke. In addition, the black glass makes a sweet combination and gives a fancy look to the kitchen.

Here is an additional advantage of this chimney is you get three brass burners. The width is about 75 cm making it easy for you to operate it. The basic design of chimneys is usually steel with glass. These key elements give an elegant as well as a nice outlook.

Faberio Chimney 

Where other chimneys are available in black colors, a decent white-colored chimney transforms the look and feel of your kitchen. For a 2-4 stove burner this chimney is perfect to catch the clutter and smoke. 

Make your cooking easy and comfortable via these chimneys. The excess smoke creates exertion. The warranty for motor and spare parts is another remarkable aspect. The touch control panel represents the latest technology used.

One should install this product at points that are known for heavy grilling or frying. The auto-clean option sounds cool to eradicate the smoke and mist.


In a nutshell, you have seen a wide variety of kitchen chimneys yet these are not enough. You might have seen others too. Before choosing one, make sure to select the one having good suction power, a better warranty period, and efficient cleaning ability.

If you sneeze while someone fries’ chilies, read the article and explore the one you like best for your circumstances. Thus, assist you in making a dust and grease-free environment in less time.

Previously there were no such methods or devices that assist in kitchen cleaning. Thanks to development in technology. Using the auto-cleaning feature of chimneys in no time, you can make the kitchen smoke and dust-free.

The oily smell sometimes irritates you, therefore, it is better to navigate and place an order for premium quality chimneys for the kitchen. 

While purchasing any of them make sure to check the quality and reliability of suction power, the filters, spare parts. How much warranty company is ensuring?

This information helps you to make the right decision without wastage of money. Hope this article was helpful and you end up making the right decision.