The kitchen is the core of a home. It’s where one spends numerous hours preparing up delectable suppers for loved ones. It’s compensating to see the delight on countenances of friends and family after an all-around prepared supper, yet tidying up the kitchen a short time later can be an untidy task.

Other than the dark residue gave up by smoke, the kitchen is probably going to be loaded up with layers of oil and grime adhered to the kitchen counter, cupboards, tiles, and burner. Here’s the place where the job of the chimney in the kitchen becomes important as it can assist with saving a lot of time and exertion spent in tidying up space thereafter.

But before installing a chimney appliance in your kitchen, it is necessary to keep in mind the chimney design for a small kitchen as the size of your kitchen can really be an issue while choosing a chimney. 

Kitchen Chimney

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A kitchen chimney is an appliance that is introduced over the burner and is open with the press of a catch. At the point when it’s turned on, the incredible pull removes the oil, smoke, and exhaust, leaving the kitchen without smoke. The components that are sucked out are either removed from the kitchen by means of a pipe or recycled to keep the air new. 

Choosing the correct chimney stack plan for kitchens can be an overwhelming assignment just on account of the plenty of alternatives accessible regarding the models, kinds of filters, and cost.

Regardless of whether one leans towards steel chimney stacks or particular kitchen smokestack plans, mindfulness about every one of these perspectives is the way to tracking down an ideal choice for any kitchen. So, here’s a guide to creative chimney design for a small kitchen

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Chimney Design For Small Kitchen

15 creative chimney designs for small kitchen

An Angular Kitchen Chimney 

This dark angular chimney looks intense and upscale inside this dim-themed kitchen and mixes well with the light hardwood flooring. It particularly contrasts the mathematically designed backsplash and has an incredible attraction limit because of its sideways admission vents that ousts smoke and oil productively. This is the ideal decision for individuals who cook spicy food at home. 

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Divider Mounted Kitchen Chimney Stack: 

The kitchen smokestack is fit against the divider over the cook-top or hob. Typically, this sort of chimney stack is suggested by organizers when space is imperative or when there are limitations against cutting the outside divider for ducting. 

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A Box-Type Chimney:

Add class to your kitchen with this case-type chimney stack. This fireplace radically diminishes exhaust and dusty particles separated from being less uproarious while cooking. On the off chance that you have less space under your cupboards, you can settle on this kitchen smokestack plan. Its smooth plan because of its container-type shape hardened steel body and baffle filter give it a total look that is considered commendable. 

Island Chimney Stack: 

If the kitchen counter is situated in the focal point of the room, at that point an island chimney stack is ideal. The fireplace is fixed on the roof and hangs over the burner directly in the center of the room. 

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A Built-In Chimney:

Otherwise called an integrated chimney, this presents one’s covered up under the kitchen cupboard and mixes itself with the format. The integrated or underlying chimney stack is introduced between the kitchen cupboards.

The pull force of these chimney stacks is brilliant as the smoke and exhaust are drained in and directed out of the kitchen through a pipe.

They are fitted directly into or under cupboards and mix with the woven artwork of this kitchen. All additional segments of this fireplace remain and give the space a consistent look.

This sort of fireplace is very costly and ideal for configuration-wise people hoping to utilize restricted space accessible. Pair it with rich white kitchen drawers and a grainy-designed marble kitchen ledge to finish the look.

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A Wall-Mounted Chimney:

This divider-mounted chimney stack is the second most ideal choice for homes since it is fixed onto the divider. This plan is pocket-accommodating and requires fewer/no lines to suck out contaminated air.

Fitted between couples of light dim divider cupboards, they look conservative and satisfying to the eye. It additionally supplements the dark ledge and wooden board floor. 

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If you are a traditional kind of person but still love to idealize contemporary customs of this world then this one is ideal for you, as in this, ducts extricate grime through the filter and oust scent and sleek air outside.

This fireplace requires plumbing as an afterthought as it eliminates steam too (aside from ductless smokestacks that diminish scents, yet can’t forestall buildup develop). This smokestack is the ideal decision for your kitchens with moderate insides like this all-white one.

This kind of smokestack needs lines to be fixed for the air to be drained in and flushed out of the room by means of the pipe. The oil and oil by and large adhere to the filter while the air leaves the kitchen through the introduced pipes.

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The ideal pull power for the smokestack is chosen dependent on the length of the cylinder or filter alongside the number of curves present in it. Ducting is best joined with a confound or network filter. The drawback of these stacks is that once introduced, they can’t be re-situated. 


Do you need a modern search for your kitchen? Look at this ductless smokestack that blends with the open-plan kitchen. This plan improves the normal wood cabinetry, white tiled backsplash divider, and solid ground surface.

As the name recommends, it has no filters except for a fan and engine rather than traps oil particles, goes it through a carbon filter for heat retention, and sends the reused cleaned air once more into the kitchen. 

This current one’s an energy saver! Ductless chimney stacks don’t need filters or lines. They, by and large, accompany a cross-section or bewilder filter with the expansion of a charcoal filter.

The point when air is kissed up, goes through the filter where the oil and oil are caught. The filters for the most part sucks in the smoke and scent, allowing the cleansed air to out in the kitchen once more.

These smokestacks are high upkeep as the filter should be supplanted much of the time. The benefit of this sort of stack is that the unit can be re-situated without any problem. Moreover, it is one of the best creative chimney designs for a small kitchen

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Roof Mounted Pyramid Chimney with LED Lights:

This roof-mounted pyramid fireplace offers a refined and formal expression to your dear companions and uncommon visitors. It hangs straightforwardly from the roof and has implicit LED lights for better brightening while at the same time cooking.

Completely outfitted with bewilder filters, they help decrease power utilization significantly. The stack works out in a good way for the hexagonal-molded mosaic divider tiles and a beautiful kitchen island. Pair it with astounding hanging lights and recessed lights, and you are all set.

Also, it is the best Modern kitchen chimney design.

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Chimney with A Baffle Filter:

This chimney stack with a perplex filter is your go-to choice on the off chance that you are looking for low-upkeep however exceptionally tough choices. It accompanies an uncommonly planned stream control board that alters the course of air that goes through it.

The hefty oil is hauled down and consumed by the filter, in this way not contrarily affecting the pull force of the smokestack by any means. Its in-constructed lights spread adequately across the oven for a protected cooking experience. This one improves the magnificence of kitchen cupboards and drawers as well. 

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 A Corner Chimney:

This corner fireplace will assist you with using disregarded kitchen corners adequately. They are minimal and don’t occupy a lot of room. It adds an unmistakable look to that corner while giving a feeling of not being there by any means. This one is ideal for characteristic-looking kitchen cupboards and different machines.

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 The Curved Glass Chimney: 

Fulfill the originator inside you with this bent glass smokestack made with treated steel. It improves the general vibe of this kitchen and makes visual dramatization as well. Supplement it with dark stone kitchen drawers/cabinets and light earthy colored rock flooring for an inviting vibe.

The inbuilt press button control takes into account simple access, productive and bother-free feast planning time as the filter scents away and cuts down the temperature. 

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 Downdraft Chimney:

You basically can’t overlook this insightfully planned, tempered steel downdraft kitchen smokestack. Its smooth and jazzy plan is essential. It saves space on the stone kitchen ledge so you can play out the wide range of various exercises with plentiful space.

It has a press button that raises the stack over the oven when required and withdraws it when your work is finished. 

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 Straight-Line Chimney:

This straight-line kitchen smokestack is the go-to alternative for mortgage holders with little estimated kitchens. Its plan is to such an extent that it expands just mostly ridiculous/hearth and subsequently, leaves a lot of overhead space to store different fundamentals.

It consummately mixes in with white rock flooring, Oakwood divider cupboards with glass entryways, and furthermore accompanies LED lighting.

The aluminum filter and press button component run at a three-speed incredible extraction system that draws out warmth and sleekness from all edges of the kitchen. This implies just two things – better and expanded sturdiness.

Furthermore, straight-line chimneys are renowned and famous for being included in Modern kitchen chimney design.

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 Chimney Finishes: 

Kitchen chimneys are fabricated in hardened steel and are accessible in an assortment of shadings and completions. For a smart look, pick chimney stacks with a blend of glass and tempered steel, as found in this model; such chimney stacks easily upgrade the general look of the kitchen and become a point of convergence. 

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Chimney Filters

The chimney stack contains a measured filter that tidies up the air by catching particles and oil in a removable compartment. Filters can be arranged into three classes. 

Cassette Filter

A cassette Filter involves numerous layers of a metal lattice that catch toxins like oil and oil and removes the smoke through a pipe or a PVC pipe. One significant downside of a cassette filter is that the lattice of the filter gets obstructed with oil particles, influencing the pull force of the chimney stack.

For routine upkeep of the fireplace, it is fitting you clean the filters in any event once every week with warm lathery water. 

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Baffle Filter:

 A Baffle filter is most appropriate for the different ways of cooking. These filters are made of covering layers of steel and aluminum, which alter the course of the wind stream. This ‘cut-and-slash’ innovation isolates oil from smoke.

The best part about baffle filters is that regardless of whether the filter is loaded with oil and different contaminations; the attraction force of the stack won’t get influenced. 

Carbon Filter:

A carbon filter is utilized in ductless stacks. The air initially goes through the oil filter, which traps oil particles, and afterward through the charcoal filter, which ingests smoke, gases, and smells. The filtered air is coursed once more into the kitchen.

This filter type should be routinely supplanted – inside three and a half years, contingent upon the use.

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Well, at first, we talked about the creative yet stunning chimney design for a small kitchen and now we are going to talk about why it is necessary to get beautiful chimneys for your kitchen?

So, as we all know how chimneys are beneficial yet significant for our kitchen but do you know they can add astonishing charm to your kitchen?

Yes, you heard it right! By choosing the perfect chimney for your kitchen, you will have an outstanding kitchen that will speak for itself, for instance, if you choose a curved glass one then your chimney will reflect your personality and how you like sophisticated things in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Gets yours now! 

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