Comparison Elica vs Faber vs Hindware- Best Kitchen chimney

Everyone fond of cooking clearly understands the problems they have to face during roasting all the time. Disturbance due to haze, oil droplets, fumes is now unbearable. Everyone wants a neat and clean environment for the health of themselves and their family.

Stains of cooking make your kitchen walls, cabinets, cooking top, utensils, etc. Dirty. You have to clean them after every cooking experience. This problem irritates and takes your precious time during a busy routine. If you want to find a solution to all of the above mess, then you are in the right spot.

Everyone desires the best kitchen chimney for their home but doesn’t know how to make Comparison Elica vs Faber vs Hindware and hence ends up buying the wrong one. Are you one among them?

Types of kitchen chimney

Elica vs Faber vs Hindware (Best Kitchen Chimney)

Many brands are working worldwide to provide varieties of kitchen chimneys to facilitate your sizzling. The kitchen chimney serves to provide hassle-free cooking. These chimneys suck out all the smoke, fumes, oil globules, etc.

From the kitchen during cooking. Different brands are providing various manageable mantles. You can buy according to your taste. These brands include Faber kitchen chimneys, Hindware kitchen chimneys, Elica kitchen chimneys.

All of these are for household usage. For healthy and clean cooking, room chimneys are enjoying a significant role. Today, these hearths are becoming a section of our kitchens. Everybody needs a classy and executable kitchen mantle.

Several brands are operating worldwide for kitchen appliances. These manufacturers are imparting filters in addition to filterless chimneys in your facility. Each length and layout is a gift to decorate your kitchen.

Filterless smokestacks are stand-up for over-clear-out hearths due to the cleansing process. Filterless flues have sturdiness. Due to this fact, you do not need to update filters or ease them. This mechanism saves your cash with time.

On the turn side, filtrate chimneys with outstanding beneficial strategies require clear-out out converting as time is going on. You need to put money into filters, and this takes time too. There are auto-easy flues in addition to guide ones. Jet wash chimneys are greater dependable and accurate in comparison to ordinary funnels. 

 elica vs faber vs hindware
Elica vs Faber vs Hindware

Comparison Elica vs Faber vs Hindware


Suction Power
It has a model with the highest suction capacity of 1425 cubic meters per hour.The maximum suction capacity available in this brand is 1500 cubic meters per hour.All models have forced suction power with a high-performance motor sensor and the maximum power available is 1250/hr
         Auto CleanMost Elica kitchen fireplace models come with the Auto-Clean feature.Faber comes with an auto-clean feature in most of its products and oil collectors.Presence of auto-clean feature and an oil collector cup in each product.

The Elica brand has a unique range of models that offer a noiseless fireplace.Faber chimney models do not make noise, but they are not as noiseless as Elica models.Hindware is an Indian brand with innovative features, its chimneys are less noisy that are not irritating. 

Post-sale Services
Elica lacks post-sales service support. As you need to hire a local professional for this. Faber comes with post-sales service support but it’s not as trouble-free as might be expected.Hindware comes with post-sales services support but it’s not so as said. Nobody comes to you for the solution to your problems.

Elica offers you more warranties than any other brand available in India.Faber kitchen chimneys come with a warranty of 5 years.Hindware is also available with a maximum 5-year warranty.

They offer an immense array of chimneys to choose from.Faber has a vast variety of chimney rang that fits your kitchen style.This brand provides the future design of each of its products.

Now let us have a detailed review of Faber, Elica, and Hindware chimneys for your convenience.

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Elica Kitchen chimney

The ELICA is one of the great kitchen Chimneys to be had to you in line with your taste. The ELICA is an Italian company thence presenting considerable merchandise embracing kitchen chimneys. It is an auto-smooth chimney with stainless steel.

It is green for warmth absorption and manages panels. With 2 LED beacons, there’s no problem for you at the same time as cooking. Apart from exceptional brands, the maximum upright is ELICA Kitchen Chimney. By Satisfying their customer’s call, the ELICA logo is now achieving international notability.

Elica offers an assurance of 12 months of regular merchandise. Before shopping for any ELICA chimney, allow us to have an in-depth dialogue on them. 

1: Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr

Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr

Auto-Clean Chimney (Elena Black 60, Black) Check On Amazon

One of the rigorous and highly truthful Elica chimneys is the Filterless 60cm 1100m3 / hr Elica chimney. You should give an attempt to this product from all provided through Elica. It turned into a designed to lessen your attempt of cleansing.

Push-button manipulate is brought to keep away from carelessness. The movement reduces your effort by growing or lowering velocity by transferring your hand right and left separately. This one makes your kitchen clean and without odor.

This hearth has been designed to save you from oil deposits and water vapors with its clean functioning of sealed motors. Also, Elica gives an assurance of those vehicles for five years.

This hearth is filterless as well as you do not want to extrude its clear out once more and once more, and collectively with a time-saving mechanism, it additionally lets you shop cash as well. Filter converting is the most demanding factor for the users.

So the Elica continues to be acutely aware of your flavor very well. It gets rid of the smelly scent out of your kitchen so, that is why composed you experience loss to respire. You can purchase this on amazon. These are available at an affordable price. 

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2: Elica 60cm 1220m3/hr

Elica 60cm Chimney with suction electricity 1220. With extra suction champing. This one gets rid of extra smoke and warmth out from your kitchen during cooking. It is an aluminum ducted chimney with a 2-m twine length.

It is likewise supplied with a push manipulate panel. It is a wall-set-up chimney for royal kitchens. It could be without difficulty cowl four stoves. It is in particular made for oil collection. Made up of chrome steel and has low noise. 

Elica 60cm 800m3/hr

The next one is the Elica Island chimney 120x 60cm 800m3/hr. It finishes with black glass that offers a captivating appearance to the viewer. Duct-out with lightning and absorption of 324W. It has a hint of manipulating so, a chrome steel plate for oil droplet collection. Though it’s miles gift with eligible qualities, it’s miles a bit noisy. 

The Faber logo is one in each of them. It is the maximum advocated logo all around the world. 

Faber is keeping us now no longer best through chimneys. However, several kitchen appliances, for instance, Built-in -Induction, cooktop, water heaters, RO water purifiers, integrated ovens, microwave, Faber stove, dishwashers, health and sanitization, Hand sanitizer, small appliances, etc.

These portions of the gadget are becoming an international reputation due to their pleasant provider. Faber line has production centers in India even as its headquarters are in Italy. Faber chimneys are fantastically well-based and system.

Its efficient filters with eligible equipment are doing top in cleansing your kitchen and enjoying your sizzling. Faber Flues detach smoke, oil globules, fumes, etc. The Faber chimneys are devising of curved glass. It is wall-installed and without difficulty visible.

Its fireplaces designed through black glass deliver a satisfactory appearance to the viewer, and its provider is compatible. The Chimneys with chrome steel are highly dependable and efficient. Faber chimneys with velocity manipulate panels are very sizeable nowadays.

The button press cleansing procedure is efficient for amassing all undesirable material. Oil globules are build-directly to chrome steel plates for expulsion.

Faber Kitchen Chimney

Faber logo is imparting LED lamps for lighting fixtures to ease your cooking. Faber chimneys are the ideal mixture of performance, appearance, and superior technology. Faber corporation is honest to its clients that they’re maintaining FCC( Faber chimney Cleaning Contract) with the installation. Their group visits your home after a selected time for cleansing.

Faber 60cm 1295m3/hr Chimney

That is the First Faber chimney we’re discussing. This one has a 3-d tender. If you need to enhance your kitchen, then this chimney is for you. Steel or grey color offers a fascinating appearance to viewers. This green product has subsequent capabilities.


Origin: India

Width= 60cm. 

Suction strength= 1295m3/hr.

Controlling mechanism= Push-button manipulation.

Sort= Pyramid and wall-set up. 

Sound Volume= 68db.

Filter type= Baffle. Ductless.

2 LED lamps. Warranty= 1 12 months on the product and 12 years on cars. 


This Faber chimney is doing splendidly, as It is the most effective three-manner suction chimney. It affords 25% better suction and15 % grease elimination. Its length is 60cm and may effortlessly cowl four-burner stoves in a massive kitchen.

A push-button controlling mechanism is bestowed for the kitchens to keep away from carelessness and control the pace. It is a Wall-set up the chimney and it’s miles for massive kitchens. During suction, it makes a valid of 68db. A baffle clear out is utilized in it that is appropriate for Indian kitchens.

As this fireplace is ductless so, circulates the air thoroughly and plays a powerful venture in doing away with the smell. It is the most effective three-manner suction chimney. 


We understand the whole lot has benefits in addition to disadvantages. Faber 60cm 1295m3/hr chimney has a collection of advantages for shoppers. However, have a few cons. It is a clear-out chimney. Its clear-out feature needs to be cleaned every six months, also, no more cleaning as per a busy routine.

It wishes regular cleaning of filters. Secondly, it makes a noise at some stage in suction which could aggravate the prepared dinner. Thirdly, it’s miles highly-priced and repairing wishes a variety of cash and time. 

Faber 60cm 1200m3/hr Chimney:

Faber 60cm 1200m3/hr Chimney

Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney Check On Amazon

This hearth is an ideal Faber kitchen chimney. Without filters, it plays the superb venture of cleansing. Its capabilities, pros, and cons are discussed below: 


Country of origin=China.


Type= Curved Glass, Wall-set up.

Auto smooth. Ducting hood.

Control type= Touch and gesture control


It is a clear-out out much less auto-smooth chimney. This characteristic enables to get rid of the grease and oil droplets with a one-contact operation. A separate oil collector is a gift for an oil garage and to this point of cleansing.

A Chimney motor with a sophisticated mechanism is ready in this kind of manner to make a clean direction for fumes to skip out. The clear-out reasons limitation to airflow and now its miles eliminated due to the filterless characteristic.

It has a unique property of gesture manipulation. By shifting your hand left and proper, you may manipulate hood operations. 


Installation of this chimney consumes an additional amount. It is a wall-set-up chimney with massive length subsequently now no longer appropriate for small kitchens.

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Faber 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney:

Type= Curved glass, Wall-set up.

Size= 60cm

Suction strength= 1100m3/hr.

Auto- smooth

Control Type= Touch and Gesture manipulate.


It eliminates oil and heavy particles. Modern capabilities like auto-cleansing and gesture handles are gifts. A contact control mechanism is presenting splendid ease to manipulate. Gesture manipulation allows operations without direct bodily contact.

High-first-rate LED lamps to give you illumination at the cooking panel. Suction capability is 1100m3/hr that is green for guiding Indian kitchens.


This fireplace is a ducting sort of hood, and you want to put it in a duct line. The duct- the line must be of a regular length, and there can be an efficient manner to duct out. Installation costs are highly-priced. 

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Faber 60cm 1095m3/hr Chimney:

This flue is the second ideal chimney through Faber. Now we’re discussing its capabilities, pros, and cons in detail.


Country of origin= India

Size= 60cm

Suction strength= 1095m3/hr.

Power Consumption= 240W. 

Mounting= Wall- set up.

Control Type= Touch manipulate panel. 

Shape= Curved with black color.

Filter type= three-layered baffles clear out. 

Warranty= Annually on product and twelve years at the turbine.


This flue with fascinating black color offers a rushing appearance for your kitchen. Highly appropriate for current kitchens. An excessive take-out mechanism offers purification. It consumes low strength in comparison to different chimneys.

It is wall-set up, and effects had for massive kitchens. Accompanied through the contact manipulate panel, you most effectively want to transport your hand left and proper for the pace of the hearth. A three-layer Baffle clear out affords most absorption and makes your kitchen neat and smooth.

Upheaval withinside the air because those filters separate the heavy oil and grease particles. Twelve years of assurance on chimney cars is tremendously satisfying. Its precise first-rate is that its color varies because of daylight outcomes or display settings. It consists of stainless steel or glass.

The look of the hood of the chimney is elegant and slim. Because of this make-up, accentuate the approaching of your extant culinary. It has 3-d suction that lets you prepare dinner with ease and peacefully. The length of this chimney is appropriate for two to a few burners.


Instead of a three-layer baffle clear out, it isn’t an auto-smooth chimney. You have to alternate filters as time passes. You need to clean it as soon as a week. This mantle has a vessel hood so that you want to put it in a duct- line to eliminate uncanny particles. 

The logo of Hindware affords contact manipulation, far-flung manipulate virtual show contact manipulation, and push-button manipulation.

Powerful LED lamps are a gift on the pinnacle of the mantle and offer enough milk to ease your cooking. Filterless chimneys have toughness due to the fact you no longer want to extrude filters constantly.

They additionally shop your cash in addition to treasured time. In case of cleansing, there are auto-smooth fireplaces and ordinary chimneys. You should purchase the only which fits your flavor.

The maximum critical component earlier than obtaining a flue is your kitchen length. Hindware is retaining this component too. You should purchase hearths in line with your kitchen space.

Now, we’re turning to have an in-depth evaluation of a few Hindware mantles from extensive diversity.

Hindware Kitchen Chimney

As we know, Hindware kitchen chimneys are of diverse styles and sizes, so our first product is as follows:

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1:Titania 1350m3/hr Auto-smooth chimney

Titania 1350m3/hr Auto-smooth chimney

wall mounted chimney for kitchen, Motion Sensor Control Black Hood Check On Amazon

It is a filterless auto-smooth chimney with diverse outstanding capabilities.


Size: 60 cm and ninety cm

Suction energy: 1350m3/hr

Controlling mechanism: The contact manipulate panel 

Power intake: 220-240v

Oil collector cup

1-yr guarantee on product and 12 years on motor

2 LED lamps 

Metallic cracker


That is filterless with a 2D suction-era mantle. It draws the grease and oil globules and continues the oil collector cup neat and smooth. One of the sizeable blessings is that it miles an auto-smooth chimney, and you do now no longer want to smooth it once more and once more.

One hundred and 80 stages Celcius is its energy of cleansing. The motion sensor era is beneficial in switching. Suction capability is the most and lets you offer a hassle-loose kitchen. Its purchases encompass one electric-powered hood, one duct holder, one duct pipe, fixture material, and a guidebook.


You can provide it in an attempt for a high-quality experience. Installation of this hearth takes time. 

2: Stella 1100m3/hr Designer Chimney:

That is the clothier chimney to flourish your kitchen. The followings are the pros, cons, and attributes of this chimney.


Size: 60 cm/ ninety cm 

Suction capability : 1100m3/hr

Control Type: Remote manipulate the mechanism

Filter Type: Cassette Filter

Efficient LED lamps

Digitally show with a touch

Warranty: 1 yr on the product and five years at the motor.


Its blower has manufactured from plastic. The length of this hearth is most of the four burners in your kitchen. Cassette clear out is lovable for sucking all of the oil particles, smoke, fumes, etc. Motor energy is 210W, while the suction capability is 1100m3/hr for efficiency.

Electricity intake is favorable for guide Indian kitchens. This mantle has a remotely managed procedure that saves your time. The contact manipulate procedure is an extra person on this hearth. Two LED lamps are inside a clean variety to offer green illumination for clean cooking art. Its bundle consists of one variety hood, one far-flung, one guidance booklet, and traps machinery.


The becoming of this chimney takes time. It isn’t an auto-smooth chimney so, cleansing takes time collectively with the clear-out-out converting mechanism calls for the time into the good buy cash.

3: Olympia 70cm Island Chimney:

This fascinating chimney is fictitious through the black curved glass. Features, pros, and cons of this fireside are following:


Suction energy: 1100m3/hr

Size: 70cm

Blower Type: Plastic

Control Type: Push-button manipulate

Filter Type: Cassette Filter

LED lamps intake: 4×1.five W


That fireside has the most suction that makes your kitchen smoke and oil-loose. It has a length of 70cm and is enough for large-sized kitchens. A cassette clears out with efficient capabilities is delivered. LED lighting used on this chimney is energy-saving.

They contribute trouble-loose roasting. The tempo is overseen through a push-button for easy use of this lovable chimney. It is likewise found in White color. Its purchasing consists of a deal having one exhaust hood, one guidebook, and furnishing bits and bobs.


The installment takes time as well as there may be no auto-cleansing mechanism so, it takes time to good buy the cash for cleansing the clear-out out and spare elements of the chimney. 

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