All about Hindware Kitchen Chimney (The Good & Bad)

For healthy and clean cooking, kitchen chimneys are playing a significant role. Today, these hearthstones are becoming a part of our kitchens. Everyone wants a stylish and workable kitchen mantle. Many brands are working worldwide on cooking appliances.

Hindware is one of them. It is the most recommended brand all over the world. It is an Indian brand with noticeable customer care. Hindware brand is servicing us with great varieties of products. Efficient bathtubs, water basins, urinals, cooktops, ventilators, water heaters, hobs, food waste disposers, and so on.

These items are known for their amazing execution. Hindware chimneys have a parcel of namelessness to their reasonable quality and client request. By giving your advanced kitchens, Hindware particles do their best.

Hindware Kitchen Chimney – The Good

Different sorts of models in Hindware chimneys are accessible for you within the showcase. For their generation, stainless steel is accessible. Stainless steel fire quenchers are heavier and more proficient. While designing, the staff lookout of your taste, and presently there are numerous distinctive sorts and programs of hindware chimneys on the advertising.

These are in stock in white, dark, silver, and dark. All of these are alluring colors looking marvelous to prosper your kitchen

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Different types of flawless filters such as the Aluminum cassette filter, Baffle filter, Net filter, SS baffle filter, Double-layer conical filter are present in various fireplaces. Sometimes for enhancing the chimney operation, a combination of two or more filters is taken into use.

With the availing of adorable filters, a bunch of chimneys is without filters. They are also performing impressive work like netting chimneys. The Chimneys are suitable for you if you have a luxury budget and a royal house.

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Hindware Kitchen Chimney (Size, Price, Cleaning)

If your home is small and the income is high then, smaller chimneys are also available. But if you have a low income then, the chimneys are not for your kitchen as they require a lot of money and continuously.

You can use cheap fireplaces, but they are not beneficial as they need time for cleaning them and money for changing their filters as time goes on. Even if you use filterless hearths for your kitchen, they are also not luxurious. 

Hindware is well aware of our taste that the controlling mechanism of its hearths has a great diversity. The brand provides touch control, remote control, digital display touch control, and push-button control.

Additional features such as metallic blower, metallic oil collector, oil cup collector, motion sensor are making the chimneys worldwide bet. Powerful LED lamps are present at the top of the mantle and provide sufficient light to ease your cooking.

What Makes Hindware Unique

Like other chimneys, filterless hearths have priority over filter ones because today is a busy routine for everyone, and for that purpose, no one has extra time for going into the kitchen to clean or remove filters so that they work continuously.

Filterless chimneys have longevity because you do not need to change filters constantly.

They also save your money as well as precious time. In the case of cleaning, there are auto-clean fireplaces and regular chimneys. You can buy the one which suits your taste.

The most important thing before acquiring a flue is your kitchen size. Hindware is maintaining this thing too. You can buy hearths according to your kitchen space.

Now, we are turning to have a detailed review of some Hindware mantles from wide diversity.

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As we know, Hindware chimneys are of various sizes and shapes so, our first product is as follows:

1:Titania 1350m3/hr Auto-clean chimney

Titania 1350m3/hr Auto-clean chimney

Auto Clean With Motion Sensor Control Black Hood With Free Installation kit Check On Amazon

It is a filterless auto-clean chimney with various distinguished features.


Size: 60 cm and 90 cm

Suction power: 1350m3/hr

Controlling mechanism: The touch control panel 

Power consumption: 220-240v

Oil collector cup

1-year warranty on product and 12 years on motor

2 LED lamps 

Metallic cracker


That is filterless with 2D suction technology mantle. It attracts the grease and oil globules and keeps the oil collector cup neat and clean. One of the considerable advantages is that it is an auto-clean chimney, and you do not need to clean it again and again.

One hundred and eighty degrees Celcius is its power of cleaning. Motion sensor technology is beneficial in switching. Suction capacity is maximum and helps you to provide a hassle-free kitchen.

The pace of this chimney helps to use the full contact diamond panel during cooking. Its purchases consist of one electric hood, one duct holder, one duct pipe, fixture material, and a manual book.


You can give it a try for the best experience. Installation of this fireplace takes time however, in some other way, it’s far unfastened to use.

2: Stella 1100m3/hr Designer Chimney

Stella 1100m3/hr Designer Chimney

Auto-Clean Chimney (Elena Black 60, Black Check On Amazon

That is the designer chimney to flourish your kitchen. The following are the pros, cons, and attributes of this chimney.


Size: 60 cm/ 90 cm 

Suction capacity : 1100m3/hr

Control Type: Remote control mechanism

Filter Type: Cassette Filter

Efficient LED lamps

Digitally show with a tap.

Warranty: 1 year on product and five years on the motor.


Its blower is made of plastic. The size of this fireplace is a maximum of 2-4 burners for your kitchen. Cassette filters are nice for sucking all oil particles, smoke, fumes, etc. The power of the motor is 210W while, the suction capacity for performance is 1100m3 / hour.

Power consumption is favorable for manual Indian kitchens. This mantle has a remotely controlled process that saves your time. The touch control process is an additional character in this fireplace.

Two LED lamps are within easy range to provide efficient illumination for easy cooking art. Its package includes one range hood, one remote, one instruction booklet, and traps machinery.


The fitting of this chimney takes time. It is not an auto-clean chimney, so cleaning takes time in conjunction with the filter replacement procedure, which requires time to bargain.

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3: Olympia 70cm Island Chimney

This charming chimney is fictitious by black curved glass. Features, pros, and cons of this hearth are following:


Suction power: 1100m3/hr

Size: 70cm

Blower Type: Plastic

Control Type: Push-button control

Filter Type: Cassette Filter

LED lamps consumption: 4×1.5 W


That hearth has maximum suction that makes your kitchen smoke and oil-free. It has a size of 70cm that is sufficient for large-sized kitchens. A cassette filter with adorable features is delivered. The plastic blower of this mantle anticipates erosion as happens within the metallic blower.

LED lights used in this chimney are power-saving. They contribute to trouble-free roasting. This speed can be monitored with the easy-to-use touch button of this adorable chimney. It is also available in white. The purchase includes a contract that includes; an equestrian hood, a handbook, and fits and bits.


The installment takes time, and there is no auto-cleaning mechanism, so it takes time to bargain the money for cleaning the filter and spare parts of the chimney. It is costly too, so repairing requires a lot of money.

4: Celia plus 90cm 1000m3/hr

Celia plus 90cm 1000m3/hr

Auto Clean Chimney (Nevio 90, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey Check On Amazon

It is an Island chimney with an LCD. You can see all the operations of the mantle on the screen. Now we are adjourning and discussing all the features, pros, and cons of this stylish fireplace. 


Width: 90 cm

Extract-out Capability: 1000m3/hr

Benchmark: push-button and remote control

Filter Type: Stainless steel baffle filter

Voltage: 220-240V

Blower Type: Metallic

Turbine Consumption: 218W


It is an advanced product with push-button and a remote for controlling velocity. You can manage speed by your own will. Extracting capacity is 1000 and is enough for the manual Indian kitchens. The baffle filter of the chimney is of stainless steel that avoids corrosion.

A baffle filter with an advanced motor can extract all the fog, haze, dewdrops of oil, odor, etc. Out of the kitchen. Its purchases include one cooker hood, one instruction manual, one remote for controlling pace and encounter material.

It is also designed with a timer which prevents wastage of time by setting it during sizzling. It may be a ducted hearth in expansion to the channel is connected to a metallic blower.


You have to replace filters with time as there is no jet washing technique.

Installation takes time like other chimneys of this brand.

Suction could be better.

5: Cravia 90cm 1200m3/hr

Cravia 90cm 1200m3/hr

Cravia 90 Chimney with Remote Control Check On Amazon

It is also an Island chimney with a maximum size of 90cm. 

This width of the firefighter is productive for the expansive space of your kitchen.

Let us discuss some of its advantages and disadvantages with structural and mechanical techniques.


Suction power: 1200m3/hr

Width: 90cm

Ooze Type: Baffle filter with stainless steel.

Mounting: Reef-mounting.

Control Type: Double-sided touch panel and remote control.

Warranty: 1year on product and ten years on motor.

Illumination power: 4x2W LED

Rotor consumption: 220W

 Chimney design for small kitchen


This electric chimney has maximum extracting power, and hence, this ability makes it unique worldwide. Three baffle filters are involved in cleaning and sucking operations. Dual power LED illuminators are contributing to lighting the kitchen for careful cooking.

The stainless steel used in designing helps in the prevention of corrosion. The motor has less power consumption and has a warranty of ten years. The metal blower is also for maximum suction. For efficient suction of oil-globules SS baffle filters are designed.

For controlling velocity of hearth dual-sided touch panel and remote is in use. Power consumption is suitable for ordinary Indian kitchens. The bundle of obtaining this chimney incorporates one cooker hood, one inaccessible, one manual book, and installation materials.


You have to replace filters with time as there is no jet washing technique.

Installation takes time like other chimneys of this brand.

6: Serena 1350m3/hr Auto-clean Chimney

Serena 1350m3/hr Auto-clean Chimney

Curved Glass, Wall Mounted | Color: Black Check On Amazon

A very favored characteristic of this chimney is an auto-clean chimney.

Now see the attributes, advantages, and disadvantages.


Size: 60cm and 90cm

Control Type: Touch control with motion-sensing technology.

Suction power: 1350m3/hr

Oil Collector Tray

Cleaning process: Thermal auto-cleaning 

Filter type: Filterless

Warranty: One year on product and ten years on the rotor and metallic blower.


It has a thermal auto-cleaning process that is beneficial in deep cleansing. Warm-based (Warm) auto Cleaning chimneys:​​ which get warmed and dissolve all the oil on the channels. When more oil is collected within the container/ plate.

The recurrence to clean the channel physically is lesser than the water auto clean. It is suggested that the cleaning of the hearth occurs once a month. You do not need to change the filters again and again. This operation saves your time in addition to money.

The movement sensor highlight empowers the chimneys to be traded on with a reasonable wave of a hand. Metallic blowers are present to set the seal on the maximum extraction out of the kitchen. This chimney has advanced finger protection to avoid any trouble during cooking.

The purchasing includes the same bundle as in the above fireplaces.


Installation takes time.

7: Olivia 90cm 1100m3/hr

Olivia 90cm 1100m3/hr

 (Olivia Plus 90, Inox) Check On Amazon

That is an Island chimney with roof mounting. Let us have a detailed discussion on its attributes with pros and cons.


Suction capacity: 1100m3/hr

Width: 90cm

Filter Type: Stainless steel baffle filter and SS

Control Type: Touch control panel

Sufficient LED illuminator 


This mantle has a digitally displayed screen for viewing operations. 

This chimney with high suction and baffle filters has SS technology to do a lot of suction and collect all the smoke, fumes, oil droplets, and make the kitchen haze-free for better cooking. It has a bigger size and is suitable for ceiling mounting. LED illuminators light up the roasting.


You have to replace filters with time as there is no jet washing technique.

Installation takes time like other chimneys of this brand.

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How to Clean Kitchen Chimneys

As Chimneys assimilate all of the odd particles from your kitchen, they ought to be cleaned appropriately after a time since a part of stuff as oil beads, oil, and odor. These particles Start accumulating in filters.

There are various remedies and liquids for cleaning kitchen chimneys and their filters.

For cleaning the chimney filters, you have to remove filters first from chimneys then wash them.

1: You can use vinegar with baking soda and salt, make a liquid and rinse your kitchen chimney.

2: You can use boiling water and scrub for cleaning filters.

3: Sodium hydroxide is best for removing.

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