How To Install Whole House Humidifier (12 Steps)

How to install whole house humidifier?

Now that we’ve determined adding a humidifier may be a sensible and cheap plan, let’s start with putting in a unit ourselves employing a rather basic Aprilaire humidifier as an Associate in Nursing example.

If you are going to rent a heating and cooling service supplier for your install, maybe you’ll be wanting to skip all the way down to the upkeep and wetness management sections of this page.

Where to put in a Humidifier?

Before we tend to begin cutting holes into our ductwork, we want to make your mind up wherever we’re getting to install our humidifier. Your choices could also be restricted by your existing heating and cooling system setup.

Again, I counsel you to follow this instance installation to the tip to own an honest understanding of what you’ll be doing then create your call.

How to install whole house humidifier

Here are some things to stay in mind—I’ve applied them to the present home humidifier install.

Mount the Unit:

Mount the unit on the come-back airway whenever attainable. you’ll be able to mount to the availability aspect, however, the system works far better on the comeback aspect and poses less of a threat to your chamber, ought to there ever be a malfunction involving water and electrical parts.

Make sure there’s enough area higher than the unit to mount your humidistat. It’s urged to be a minimum of 6″ higher than the unit.

Bypass Affiliation:

Try to create the bypass affiliation as short and straight as attainable.

Aprilaire units are able to be flipped around in order that the bypass is often on either aspect.

Be sure you have got the area to get rid of the unit’s cowl, water pad/panel, and alternative elements for simple maintenance and repair within the future.

12-Step Humidifier Installation Guide

1. Level and trace your humidifier example onto your come-back airway.

How Does Whole House Humidifier Work

Whole House Humidifier Pros And Cons

2. create a slit within the duct simply within the pattern regarding long.

Place your flat head screwdriver against the duct at a small angle and hammer it into the metal.

Alternatively, you will wish to drill a screw within the duct and take away it for a neater beginning.

Twist the screwdriver to pry the slit open a bit in order that you’ll be able to begin your snips for consecutive steps.

3. Cut out the humidifier and humidistat patterns.

Place the humidistat 6″ higher than wherever the humidifier is. It doesn’t need to be set on an equivalent aspect of the come back airway


4. Mount the humidifier casing and management body.

Remove the duvet and water pad from the humidifier and place the casing into the cutout on the duct.

Using 1″ long flat solid screws, mount the casing to the duct by running screws through the provided holes within the casing.

This Aprilaire unit needs half a dozen screws. accomplish the management knob in order that you’ll be able to pull the facing off of the most management body.

Using four 1/2″ long flat solid screws, fasten the management body to the duct within the hole you chop. remember the froth seal that goes between the wetness management body

5. Locate, trace, cut out, and install the 6″ start on the availability duct for your bypass.

Remember, the shorter and straighter the bypass, the better.

Warning: If you have got an air-con, avoid mounting the start right the coil case, and if that’s the sole place you’ll be able to place it, undoubtedly do not pierce a hole within the coil once cutting into the duct.

Now, slide the teeth of the start or collar into the outlet and fold them over to lock it in situ.

how to install whole house humidifier

6. Install the bypass piping.

Your path might vary from mine—just confine your mind that you just wish to require the trail of travail once attainable.

Connect your 6″ elbow to the humidifier casing with 2 1″ screws. The casing has holes at the highest and bottom of the damper affiliation for this. certify you alter the elbow initial and make certain the damper will swing freely.

When cutting straight pipe sections, live from the sting of purpose A to the sting of purpose B and add an additional 3″ for your connections.

As you complete every affiliation, wrap the tape around them, and install 2 1/2″ screws every, across from one another.

If it’s summer, shut the damper. If it’s winter, leave it open

7. Install the drain piping.

Assuming you have got an air con or a high-efficiency chamber, you’ll be able to simply faucet into one amongll|one amongst|one in every of} those 3/4″ lines by cutting in a “tee” and running your pipe from there to the humidifier.

You can live edge to edge and 1″ to induce your cuts for straight pipe.

Be sure to attach every joint and secure the pipe to the chamber or duct with 1/2″ screws.

You can use items of your rubbish for beefy.

If you do not have a drain already, you’ll be able to the pipe along it terribly simply.

8. Connect your electrical device. *Make positive the unit is high-powered off.*

Modern furnaces have terminals on the card marked HUM and NEUTRAL for easier humidifier attach.

Be sure you do not tie into the 24V common by mistake. The NEUTRAL is for 110V use.

Use pliers to squeeze your spade connectors onto the transformer’s black and white wires.

Then, simply firmly press the black connection onto the HUM terminal and therefore the white connection onto the NEUTRAL.

9. Run the thermostat wiring (low-voltage wiring).

I have chosen to run most of my wiring through my ductwork, during this example, as a result of it keeps it protected and appears a lot of neater. However, with such a lot of choices and things, I’ve provided photos and a schematic drawing that I think can offer you an improved plan of a way to tackle your specific desires.

simply keep this in mind:

10. Install the water line and valve.

Make sure the rubber seal is sitting properly, the “tee” handle is tightened to the mounting bracket, and therefore the valve needle is backward once mounting the valve to the new water line.

Don’t overtighten something, and use 2 pairs of pliers to form positive you do not twist things as you tighten

11. Re-install the water feed tube, panel, and humidistat cowl.

Place the tube within the valve.

Slide the nut and collet up to the valve

Tighten the 2 by exploiting one plyer to carry the valve and therefore the alternative to tighten the nut.

With the tube connected, tighten the valve all the way down to pierce the most.

Then, loosen it to permit water to flow.

12. Run a take a look at the cycle.

Now it’s time to check the total house.

Thanks for reading our Post.

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