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Hey guys! Shahzad Arsi this side from Purnia (Bihar) thanks for reaching mine about us page. I welcome you all to my first ever blog homeick.com.

I am a passionate digital marketer (and a health freak guy).also an MBA post-graduate in the marketing field and always wants to write something that suits my desire and willingness to help others.

I  help the business grow from nowhere to a certain height from where they can sustain long in the market and survive in a competitive time.

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Health is wealth for every individual is the motto of the channel.

Although I am in the marketing industry from 2017 and help the ness grow though Facebook, Instagram marketing brings leads through blog/website and whole lots more. Promote businesses through google ads, Fb ads, insta ads, etc.

Motto to start a health blog

But health and fitness is my go-to motto that has pushed me forward to share my experience with all the health issues I have been through and how I came over one by one all of them.

I write about health-related articles on my blog like how to remain healthy, exercise for diabetes, exercise for active mind and body, healthy foods to eat, foods to avoid and lots more.

Why I started – long story short

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My journey started way back in 2007 when I started to discover myself as to who am I and what is the purpose of my life and am I living the life which I am supposed to live or just living a meaningless life that has no value, no ethic, no routine, no health and no wealth.

Let me tell you what I am today I was not the same way back then as I faced lots of difficulties regarding my health. I am very lean and thin boy that it causes depression and anxiety inside me as a result of which I grew up as a shy boy or in other words ( i became introvert).

Most of the time I never participated in any activities like drama, music, sports, etc in school although I was good at sports like cricket, badminton and football my overall personality hampered my life.

As it is said if you have strong will power and don’t lose hope than one-day dark clouds will disappear and you will have a bright day ahead.

This doesn’t happen overnight it took me almost 7 years to master all my health issues and live a disease-free life. I abandon every possible medicine from my life and nurture my life in such a way that my overall health improvement is based on three things (healthy lifestyle which includes).

Three components of a healthy life

1. Healthy diet 

2. Daily exercise 

3. Avoiding medicine as much as possible

In 2007 when I was going through several health issues, I have undergone several check-ups like HIV test, blood test, whole body check up and finally what I discovered that before 2007 I use to consume lots of medicine and probably from every possible source be it Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Ayurvedic for digestive improvement.

Whatever I am eating, I simply cant digest it and I have the tendency to go to toilet for at least 3 to 4 times a day and frequent urination for 8 to 10 times a day brings the overall tally to 12 minimum that is an alarming condition in anyone’s life and I was just 18 years old.

I can see my end and pray to God what have I done wrong, why my life is like this, am I able to live a disease-free life.

As it is said if you pray for something deep from your heart the universe will help you in finding a proper solution.

The solution is the prime reason that makes an introvert person like me come in front of the whole world to share my life experience so that no one else goes with the same pain that I have been through.

At last

I am sure you will love every piece of information post through my blog seekein, what you will get here is as precious as gold. See you in, till than tata!

By the way, you can reach out to me anytime you wish and I will be more than happy to solve your query.

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