Caraway Cookware vs Hexclad Detailed Comparision

In the world of innovative direct-to-consumer cookware startups, Caraway and HexClad stand out for bringing fresh modern perspectives to pots and pans. While both brands offer high-quality nonstick functionality, their technology, materials, and performance differ across factors that matter most to home cooks.

Caraway Cookware vs Hexclad

This in-depth guide compares Caraway and HexClad side-by-side on coating types, product range, durability, heating abilities, ease of use, style, and price considerations. Use this analysis to decide which rising cookware company delivers the best match for your cooking demands and preferences.

Brief Company Histories

Caraway: Launched in 2017 and based in New York City, Caraway set out to reinvent nontoxic nonstick cookware suited for contemporary home kitchens. Their pots and pans feature a ceramic coating made without PTFE or PFOAs.

HexClad: Founded by an entrepreneur in Los Angeles in 2017, HexClad developed a unique hybrid tri-ply stainless steel layered with a patented hexagon nonstick design. Their technology blends stainless steel durability with nonstick convenience.

While both founders saw room to improve cookware technology for home cooks, Caraway concentrated innovation solely on nontoxic nonstick while HexClad pioneered a new hybrid stainless steel material.

Types of Coatings

The biggest difference comes down to primary coating types:

Caraway: Uses a traditional ceramic nonstick formula made from minerals, sand, and binders to create a smooth natural release surface. Their coating is PFOA and PTFE-free.

HexClad: Features a stainless steel tri-ply base with a hexagon pattern nonstick made from PFOA-free PTFE layered on top inside the cooking surface. This allows for sear and slide versatility.

Coating Comparison

Main CoatingCeramic NonstickStainless Steel with PTFE Nonstick Hexagons
PFOA FreeYesYes
PTFE FreeYesNo

So while both offer non-toxic pots and pans, Caraway uses a traditional ceramic while HexClad pioneers a unique hybrid steel + PFOA-free PTFE combo.

Product Inventory

Both brands offer the standard pots and pans to outfit home kitchens:

  • Fry pans
  • Sauce pots
  • Saute pans
  • Stock pots

Plus nonstick cookware sets and accessories like sheets and mitts.

However, Caraway streamlines options with just two set sizes and 6 accessories in matching colours. Their focus stays on core nonstick pots and pans.

HexClad provides more variety in over 100 skus across various lines like Wok Pans, Griddles, Grill Pans, Tea Kettles etc. They extend more into speciality cookware realms beyond basic needs.

For customers wanting just essential, matching nonstick sets, Caraway satisfies with their curated offerings. Those needing more variety in materials and pan types find more with HexClad.

Performance & Durability Factors

When it comes to critical cooking functionality like durability, responsiveness, ease of release, and clean-up, here is how Caraway and HexClad stack up:

Longevity: Both achieve high marks resisting scratches or wearing down over years of use. Caraway guarantees 3 years on their ceramic while HexClad warrants Lifetime usage without coating deterioration. HexClad edges ahead predicting extreme long-term performance.

Heating Properties: HexClad‘s stainless steel construction naturally conducts and retains heat better scoring an advantage for searing, browning, and temperature control. Caraway’s aluminium core heats up quickly but doesn’t match tri-ply steel for even cooking.

Nonstick Release: Nearly equal nonstick perfection achieved thanks to quality coatings. A slight variance in smoothness favours Caraway for more delicate cooking. HexClad’s texture makes it less slick.

Ease of Cleanup: Again both excel in resisting stuck-on residue during washing but Caraway’s ceramic surfaces may prove slicker faster with fewer passes of a sponge.

For nonstick cooking demands, Caraway and HexClad both deliver easy release and cleaning. HexClad pulls ahead for high heat searing and control required by discerning cooks.

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Performance Comparison

Durability Guarantee3 yearsLifetime
Heating ConductivityGoodExcellent
Nonstick ReleaseExcellentVery Good
Easy CleanupExcellentVery Good

Design & Style Differences

Cooks choose pots and pans to reflect personal taste and complement kitchen design. Caraway and HexClad appeal aesthetically in unique ways.

Caraway markets a minimalist style approach with:

  • Neutral tones
  • Gentle contours
  • Matching lids
  • Organizational racks

HexClad focuses more on performance-driven design:

  • Contemporary hybrid look
  • Stainless & nonstick colour contrast
  • Stay cool handles
  • Less focus on coordination

Caraway impresses buyers with their cohesive sets and softer finishes that blend in beautifully with other decor. HexClad makes a statement for serious home chefs valuing function over form.

Consider your personal needs for modern neutral or striking visual statements to decide which brand fits preferred kitchen aesthetics.

Comparing Price Points

Thanks to direct-to-consumer business models, both Caraway and HexClad price their nonstick cookware competitively:


  • $95+ for fry pans
  • $395-$545 for sets
  • Nesting lids and accessories included


  • $100-130+ per fry pan
  • $497-$899+ for sets
  • Venting glass lids often separate

Considering the technology and materials involved, both deliver reasonable value. Caraway edges out HexClad for full set building with add-ons accounted for upfront. But individually, HexClad pans may justify higher costs for home chefs wanting professional hybrid quality.

Verdict: Which Is Better For You?

With so many similarities but key performance advantages divided, is one the ultimate winner? The answer depends on tailoring priorities:

Caraway shines for shoppers wanting:

  • Toxic-free ceramic nonstick
  • Affordable essential sets
  • Matching aesthetic
  • Low fuss cleaning

HexClad is ideal for cooks valuing:

  • Stainless steel and nonstick combination
  • High heat searing/browning
  • Specialty pans beyond basics
  • Showpiece contemporary appearance


Both receive glowing feedback as innovative leaders raising the bar for home cookware. Caraway provides a foolproof ceramic nonstick solution while HexClad breaks ground on steel technology balancing convenience with mastery. Determine which strengths speak louder to your cooking demands to decide if Caraway or HexClad is the smartest investment.

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