What Do Reviews Say About Caraway Cookware

As a relatively new direct-to-consumer cookware startup that launched in 2019, Caraway has quickly made a name for itself with its ceramic nonstick pans. While the young company may lack the longstanding reputation of legacy brands, Caraway has earned glowing praise and reviews that offer insight into its products’ real-world performance.

People’s Opinions About Caraway Cookware

This article digests what professional testers and home cook reviewers say after testing Caraway’s flagship frying pans and cookware sets. By summarizing key pros and cons from hands-on experiences, you’ll learn if Caraway’s nonstick claims and convenience features measure up.

Brief Background on Caraway

Caraway was founded by two entrepreneurs, Jordan Nathan and Jake Kalick, looking to reinvent nonstick cookware using safer, eco-friendly materials. Based in New York City, Caraway concentrates research on mastering durable nontoxic ceramic coatings.

They offer frying pans, sauce pots, saute pans and Dutch ovens all coated with their German-made ceramic marketed as a “nontoxic nonstick” alternative free of PTFEs/PFOAs. Caraway sells direct-to-consumer online allowing competitive pricing versus leading premium brands.

While young, their ceramic-coated aluminium core pans covered by a 10-year warranty aim to deliver convenience, style, and quality appealing to modern cooks. But what do real customer experiences reveal?

Positive Feedback from Reviews

Across over 2,700 verified reviews, Caraway earns an average 4.7 out of 5-star rating with 80% of all reviews scoring them 5/5 stars. Their products receive overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially regarding:

Ease of Use

Reviewers describe cooking with Caraway as totally effortless and frustration-free thanks to the nonstick living up to claims of being slick enough for oil-free cooking. Eggs, fish, and sticky foods like oatmeal come out without sticking or leaving residue behind. Many say it’s the best nonstick they’ve ever used with quick, easy cleanup.

“This pan makes cooking eggs effortless. Nothing sticks – just a quick rinse or wipe down.”

**Quick & Even Heating **

Multiple reviews praise how Caraway’s aluminium core construction allows for very responsive heating that warms up rapidly and adjusts quickly when adjusting stovetop dials. While not quite as conductive as higher-end metals, the aluminium gets hot fast and spreads heat evenly so food cooks consistently without hot spots.

“Heats up fast and very evenly so meat and veggies cook just right every time.”

Attractive Modern Design

Reviewers adore Caraway’s minimalist Danish-inspired aesthetics fitting beautifully in modern kitchens. The gently curved walls, light neutral tones, and magnetic lid racks that allow compact storage earn consistent praise in reviews for their functionality combining elegance and convenience.

“So sleek and contemporary looking but also nests together nicely to save cabinet space.”

Sturdy Construction

While using lightweight materials, testers describe Caraway as feeling very sturdy in hand and well-constructed down to quality control details like neatly finished edges. The smooth rivetless interior allows easy cleaning without the risk of food or grease getting trapped. Reviewers feel reassured by durable materials that should hold up well over time.

“Solidly made with an eye for detail lacking in other nonsticks. Craftsmanship is evident.”

Common Negative Critiques

No product satisfies every user universally. Among the minority of 3-4 star reviews, the most frequent negatives cite:

Size Runs Small

Some users felt skillets and pots run smaller than expected, especially Caraway’s “nonstick pan” versus traditional frying pans. Measure dimensions carefully before purchase to ensure adequate cooking surface.

Price Points

While competitively priced compared to premium brands using safer materials and direct distribution, some still feel Caraway pans cost more than mass-market mainstream brands. The investment pays dividends over time but exceeds cheap pans.

Care Requirements

Caraway doesn’t allow dishwasher cleaning so handwashing equals a slight chore. Avoiding metal utensils also annoys certain owners even though these tradeoffs protect the nonstick surface. The extra care proves worthwhile for serious home cooks but some setbacks exist.

Oven Limitations

Caraway officially advises not broiling and restricting oven use to lower temperatures under 500°F. While the aluminium construction holds up better than cheaper nonstick, heavy roasting better suits pure stainless steel or cast iron pans.

Professional Tester Experiments

Beyond user reviews, professional test kitchens provide scientific insights by putting Caraway through rigorous experiments. Here are highlights from hands-on evaluations by leading consumer testing brands.

Good Housekeeping Institute

  • Awarded Caraway their “Kitchen Gear Excellence Award” for 2022 best new product
  • Lab experts gave high scores for heating evenly with responsive temperature control
  • Remarkably nonstick surface yielded perfect scrambled eggs and released tilapia fillets intact
  • Passed durability tests showing no signs of scratches or abrasions


  • Applauded Caraway’s quick break-in period preseasoning the nonstick before full performance
  • Sticky rice slid right off the ceramic surface after cooking
  • Impressed with the attractive design and helpful magnetic storage
  • Deducted points for hot handles while sautéing and loose-fitting lids


  • Called out superb even heat distribution frying an egg using an infrared camera
  • Rice washed clean after cooking with no soaking needed
  • Appreciate sustainability committing to recycled aluminium
  • Noted sauce simmered faster than their stainless steel reference pan

The consensus agrees Caraway makes good on delivering an effortless nonstick ability to rival or exceed more established products. Experts confirm responsive heating and smart nesting storage in an eco-conscious package. Minor quibbles exist around small details but overall evaluations applaud Caraway’s execution focusing on consumer-friendly convenience.

Key Benefits Summarized

Caraway’s glowing reviews ultimately highlight advantages that explain the young brand’s appeal for modern cooks:


  • Slick nonstick for effortless cooking/cleanup
  • Compact storage minimizing cabinet clutter


  • Commercial-grade durable materials
  • Impressive heating responsiveness
  • Clever functional design details


  • Fair price for safer eco-friendly materials
  • Cost savings built into direct distribution


  • Sleek minimalist aesthetic
  • Fingerprint-proof matte finish

Reviewers broadly agree Caraway cookware delivers outstanding nonstick convenience rivaling or exceeding far more expensive competitors. For home cooks wanting exceptional performance with an emphasis on simplicity, Caraway pans check all the boxes.

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