Caraway Cookware vs Our Place

In the world of contemporary direct-to-consumer cookware disruptors, both Caraway and Our Place earn rave reviews for reinventing nonstick functionality for home kitchens. While their materials and specific offerings differ, they share some core innovation principles around versatility and nontoxic ideals that resonate with today’s conscious shoppers.

Caraway vs Our Place Cookware Comparison

This guide thoroughly compares Caraway and Our Place across deciding factors like product lines, materials, performance, design aesthetics, and price considerations. Use this breakdown to determine the ideal cookware line that matches your cooking habits and lifestyle.

Brief Company Histories

Caraway: Founded in 2017 by two entrepreneurs from NYC, Caraway aimed to reinvent nonstick cookware for modern tastes using safer, eco-friendly materials. Their nontoxic ceramic-coated pots and pans specifically target starter sets for urban dwellers.

Our Place: Created by an influencer/blogger in Los Angeles in 2019 intending to streamline clutter through multifunctional pieces convenient for cooking diverse cuisines. Their hybrid tabletop oven pan gained viral attention for replacing numerous single-use appliances.

While both founders came from digital startup backgrounds noticing holes in the cookware market, Caraway concentrates on innovating core materials for staple pots/pans while Our Place pursues versatility by consolidating kitchen gear.

Types of Materials Used

The biggest difference lies in the main composition:

Caraway: Uses a German-engineered ceramic nonstick coating that is PFOA & PTFE free made from minerals and sand. Their interiors feature an aluminum core while exterior bases have stainless steel for induction cooking.

Our Place: Constructs their signature Always Pan and oven products using a nontoxic “Ceramic NonStick” coating containing Teflon derivatives & polymers but no PFOAs. Their bodies utilize aluminium for responsiveness and conductivity.

Material Comparison

FeaturesCarawayOur Place
Main CoatingCeramic NonstickCeramic NonStick (Contains Some PTFE/Polymers)
ConstructionAluminum CoreCast Aluminum
PFOA Free?YesYes
PTFE Free?YesNo

So while both offer safer ceramic-style nonstick, Caraway avoids any Teflon while Our Place admits using Teflon derivatives in theirs.

Product Inventory

Both brands provide the core pots and pans needed for everyday home cooking like:

  • Skillets/Fry Pans
  • Sauce Pot
  • Saute Pans

But the product range vastly differs:

Caraway: Offers just two set sizes focused specifically on conveniently nested cookware for compact living spaces. Accessories like sheets and mitts are available.

Our Place: Built an entire brand around their single Always Pan designed to replace numerous one-use appliances. Beyond that, they offer speciality baking dishes, drinking glasses, plates, and cutlery promoting fuller tabletop suites beyond cookware.

If seeking a basic cookware set for standard cooking needs on a budget, Caraway provides better equipping. For cooks enjoying versatility around one high-performing centrepiece pan, Our Place offers a creative solution.

Performance & Durability Comparison

Evaluating daily use functionality, Caraway and Our Place both satisfy home chefs but achieve optimal results differently:

Responsiveness: Our Place’s cast aluminium composition reacts quickly and evenly. Caraway’s aluminium core heats up fast but may exhibit some hot spots.

Longevity: Caraway guarantees 3 years but both should reasonably last over 5 years with proper maintenance. Our Place pots may show wear sooner from heavy use cycles.

Ease of Use: Caraway promises effortless nonstick release every time without oil/butter needed. Our Place requires light seasoning/oil for an ideal nonstick effect.

Results Summary: Our Place masters fast heating but for forgiving nonstick off the bat, Caraway edges them out slightly. Both prove user-friendly for home demands without commercial-grade power.

Performance Comparison

FeaturesCarawayOur Place
Heating AbilitiesVery GoodExcellent
Estimated Lifespan5+ years3-5 years
Nonstick ConvenienceEffortlessRequires Preseasoning

**Design & Style Aesthetics **

Beyond performance functionality, visual appeal and decor coordination help drive buying decisions.

Caraway markets a distinctly modern minimalist style approach through:

  • Neutral Tones
  • Coordinating Nested Lid Sets
  • Gentle Lines
  • Wood Accents

Our Place concentrates on warm, organic aesthetics featuring:

  • Earthy Hues
  • Handcrafted Imperfections
  • Textured Materials
  • Streamlined Sculptural Shapes

Caraway suits contemporary urban interiors with matching sets while Our Place brings natural beauty better for rustic styles.

Price Point Breakdowns

Thanks to direct-to-consumer models, both brands price competitively to titans like LeCreuset avoiding retail markups. But differences exist:


  • $95+ per frying pan
  • $395-$545 cookware sets

Our Place:

  • $145 for signature Always Pan
  • $310 for Perfect Pot
  • $50-95 accessories

For entire cookware sets, Caraway offers outstanding value. But based on versatile functionality, Our Place’s hero pieces present reasonable costs for replacing numerous appliances.

Determining the Best Brand for You

Given similar innovations but different advantages, is one the ultimate winner? The right choice depends on the needs of each cook.

Caraway shines for folks wanting:

  • matched sets of essential pots & pans
  • consistent nontoxic ceramic
  • coordination with modern kitchens

Our Place is perfect for cooks valuing:

  • versatility/simplicity in one pan
  • organic free-flowing form aesthetic
  • multifunctionality beyond just cookware


Both brands make cooking easier for modern households. Caraway provides deliberately designed ceramic core pots while Our Place consolidates appliances into smooth-flowing statement pieces. Identify which strengths suit your space and habits best in determining if Our Place or Caraway products feel like the most sensible solutions for your needs.

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