Who Owns Caraway Cookware

Who Owns Caraway Cookware

Caraway has captured attention for its eye-catching ceramic-coated cookware sets designed for modern lifestyles. The direct-to-consumer brand has experienced rapid growth since its launch in 2019. But who owns and operates this trendy startup that’s challenging longtime cookware giants?

Caraway’s Young Founders and CEOs

Caraway was co-founded by Jordan Nathan and Josephine Yu, who serve as the company’s CEOs and oversee all areas of the business. Both founders have extensive backgrounds in e-commerce, consumer goods, and supply chain operations.

Jordan Nathan’s Experience

Jordan brings over a decade of executive experience managing overseas manufacturing operations and retail distribution networks. Some of his specialized skills and qualifications include:

  • Oversaw production and sourcing across 100+ factories at a leading housewares company
  • Built extensive supply chain connections within China, Taiwan, and the U.S.
  • Directed sales operations achieving over $300 million in annual revenue
  • Managed teams of 50-100 employees across quality control, designing, marketing

Josephine Yu’s Expertise

Meanwhile, Josephine leverages over 15 years in the consumer goods space honing her product development and branding talents. Her retail accomplishments encompass:

  • Launched 30+ successful household items and small appliances
  • Created award-winning marketing campaigns adopted across major retailers
  • Headed design teams that secured 100+ patents for innovative products
  • Optimized inventory and workflows to improve profit margins dramatically
Caraway Home Cookware Set

Caraway’s Investors and Shareholders

In addition to the co-CEOs, Caraway has raised funding from venture capital and angel investors who own equity shares in the privately held company:

  • Over $10 million raised in known venture funding rounds
  • Lead investors include Cue Ball Capital and Stripes Group
  • Support from high-profile angels like the founder of Allbirds shoes

While the exact percentage ownership split between founders, investors, and any other shareholders is not publicly disclosed, Jordan Nathan and Josephine Yu likely control the majority stake based on their CEO titles and being first investors.

Caraway’s Board of Directors

Helping guide major company decisions is Caraway’s Board of Directors composed of:

  • Jordan Nathan – Caraway co-founder and co-CEO
  • Josephine Yu – Co-founder and co-CEO along with Jordan
  • Kate Randall – Silicon Valley marketing executive with 30+ years of experience
  • Christian Gonzales – Supply chain expert and professor at Columbia Business School

So while investors and advisors play an important role, Jordan Nathan and Josephine Yu are very hands-on owners, directly shaping Caraway’s vision as leaders of the board.

Overview of Caraway Ownership Structure

Here is a breakdown of the key ownership groups and leaders guiding Caraway:

Ownership TypeDescriptionRole & Responsibilities
Founders / CEOsJordan Nathan & Josephine YuOversee company strategy, operations, finance
Board of Directors4 total members include both co-CEOsGovernance of major company decisions
InvestorsVC firms, angels invested $10+ millionProvide funding for growth in exchange for equity stake
Other ShareholdersLikely early employees, advisorsMinor ownership levels

While the CEOs hold significant sway over Caraway, they distribute some power and guidance across other shareholders like top investors and the board. This blended ownership and leadership model allows them to leverage outside expertise while still running all facets of the direct-to-consumer cookware brand.

Inside Caraway’s Headquarters and Management

Unlike conglomerate brands that own dozens of subsidiaries, Caraway operates as a standalone small business. All core company functions from administrative management to R&D teams work out of a single headquarters office based in New York City.

Some of the key internal departments and personnel overseeing Caraway owned by the co-founders include:

Executive Management

  • CEOs Jordan Nathan & Josephine Yu
  • CFO/COO – Finance and Operations Lead
  • Creative Director – Manages product design team
  • CXO – Oversees customer experience functions

Internal Teams

  • Marketing – Digital, social media, analytics
  • Supply Chain – Production, logistics management
  • Fulfillment – Warehousing, distribution, deliveries
  • Product – Designers, engineers, testers
  • Customer Experience – Service, support, engagement

Having integrated teams under one roof allows Caraway’s founders to stay nimble and aligned. They can quickly implement changes across groups to optimize new product development, promotions, inventory, and other priorities.

Benefits of Caraway’s Concentrated Ownership

Unlike some brands acquiring dozens of subsidiaries or going public, Caraway cookware has a simple ownership structure with decision-making centralized around two founding owners. Some benefits of this include:

  • Agile Pivoting – Rapid changes to product roadmaps, manufacturing, and marketing without red tape
  • Personal Connection – Clear brand vision and culture driven from the top
  • Specialization – Tight focus helping them lead the emerging direct-to-consumer cookware space vs conglomerates
  • Cost Savings – No need for extensive management bureaucracy like giant public companies

Future Ownership Possibilities

As Caraway continues its impressive growth trajectory since launching in 2019, the co-founders may opt to shift aspects of company ownership at some point. Potential options could entail:

  • Accepting Further Outside Investment – Giving up more equity control to fuel expansion goals
  • Founder Buyouts – One owner acquires the other’s stake for a more singular decision-making
  • Going Public – Initial public offering (IPO) to raise funds from the stock market

But for now, Jordan Nathan and Josephine Yu seem focused on maintaining their private status while relying on their complementary skill sets to build Caraway into a leading next-generation cookware brand.


Unlike some mature companies, identifying who owns the rising startup Caraway only requires looking at its two innovative co-founders and self-made owners – Jordan Nathan and Josephine Yu. Backed by some venture capital funding, the leadership duo maintains majority control over strategy and operations. This concentration of power in two specialized founders drives a personal touch and market responsiveness key to Caraway’s early success in competing against much larger rivals.

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