Bitcoin protects your right to protest | by SatoshiLabs | Feb, 2022

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Take custody of your Bitcoin offline and secure your independence against a desperate state.

Freedom must never be taken for granted. A healthy degree of trust keeps society running smoothly, but when that trust breaks down, we need to know how to protect our rights and secure our assets independently.

When it comes to protecting and managing your money, the convenience of entrusting full custody to a bank comes at the cost of knowing that they will always act in line with the state. If the state becomes corrupt, needs to prop up their failing currency, or begins sanctioning peaceful protestors with emergency measures — as happened in Canada last week — your money could be seized without so much as a warrant.

Without direct control of your money, years of working and saving can be taken from you in an instant. Bitcoin is a more transparent, predictable way to protect your wealth or raise money for a cause, as long as it’s done right. To be free to defend your rights in the 21st century, you must first secure custody of your money.

Governments control the value of fiat money by controlling its supply. Through banks, they also control who has access to that money. How much this bothers you will depend on how much you trust them to act in your favor, or how much bitcoin you have.

As a Czech company, we know just how quickly a government can turn against its citizens, and in the digital age it’s only amplified. Deploying indiscriminate financial sanctions against one’s own citizens is one of the most alarming things a government can do. Left unchecked, it could allow them to pressure political rivals by confiscating assets or, scared of insurrection, they could freeze protestors’ bank accounts by denouncing them as terrorists. Oh wait.

Under surveillance culture, even peaceful assembly can now result in financial sanctions against participants. Cutting off access to money is one of the easiest ways to force compliance, as it also prevents access to basic rights like food, water and shelter. Bitcoin is the only backup when tyranny comes to town.

It is important to understand that this is exactly what Bitcoin was made for. It was designed in a way that no entity can deny the right of another to send a transaction or ask for payment. In a situation where democratic governments start cutting off access to money, using Bitcoin is the only way to stay financially secure.

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