What Is Caraway Cookware

What Is Caraway Cookware: Complete Walkthrough

Caraway is a relatively new cookware brand that launched in 2019 and has quickly become popular for its stylish, non-toxic pots and pans. This new company called Caraway makes some sleek and modern-looking pots and pans.

What’s cool about Caraway is that their pots and pans not only look super stylish. With nice colours like blue, green, red and grey to jazz up your kitchen. But they’re also made from safer, non-toxic materials. Most non-stick pans use nasty chemicals that can scratch off into your food over time.

But Caraway’s non-stick coating is a smooth ceramic made from natural minerals. So you don’t have to worry about any of those harmful chemicals leaching into your meals. Plus, the non-stick works like a charm to keep foods from sticking and burning. It makes cooking and then washing up way less of a chore!

Here is an overview of Caraway cookware:

Introduction: What Is Caraway Cookware

Founded in 2019 by Jordan Nathan, formerly an executive at Casper Sleep

Based in Los Angeles, CA

Focus on sleek, minimalist design using non-toxic materials

Feature ceramic nonstick coating that is free of harmful chemicals

Offer pots, pans, bakeware, knives, and kitchen accessories

What is special about Caraway cookware
What is special about Caraway cookware

Caraway’s Product Lines

Caraway has several product lines:

  • Cookware – Their signature nonstick pots and pans are made of aluminium and feature a ceramic coating
  • Bakeware – Ceramic-coated baking sheets, cake pans, pie plates
  • Knives – Set of stainless steel knives with ergonomic handles
  • Accessories – Things like spatulas, spoonfuls, pan scrapers

Here is more detail on their key cookware offerings:

Caraway Cookware Materials

Aluminum core – Provides fast, even heating

Ceramic nonstick – Derived from minerals, provides easy food release; free of PFAS chemicals found in traditional nonstick

Stainless steel handles – Contoured and cool-touch

Tempered glass lids – Shatter-resistant lids help trap heat and moisture

Caraway’s Nonstick Pans Feature:

Helper handles – For extra grip and control when lifting pans

Magnetic pan bottoms – Allow pans to be used on induction cooktops

Oven-safe – Can withstand temperatures up to 550°F

Dishwasher safe – Convenient cleanup

The Specific Pieces Available:

• 10” fry pan

• 12” fry pan

• 3 qt saucepan

• 4.5 qt sauté pan

• 5.5 qt Dutch oven

• 10” skillet

• Bakeware set

Unique Caraway Features

Nesting design – Pots and pans are designed to store neatly inside each other

Colour options – Offered in a variety of trendy colours like sage green, flame red, steam blue, etc.

Storage design – Lids can act as pan rests; handles allow stacking

Environmental Commitments

Caraway cookware aims to be environmentally responsible. Some of their key commitments include:

B Corp certified – Caraway meets rigorous standards for social and environmental performance.

Climate Neutral certified – They offset their carbon emissions to achieve net-zero carbon status

Metal composition – Their products contain at least 35% recycled aluminium

Minimal packaging – Items packaged in pulp moulds rather than foam for sustainability

Caraway Cookware Reviews

Caraway seems to get very positive reviews from both product experts and home cooks:

Wirecutter picked Caraway as the “Best Eco-Friendly Nonstick Pans Set.” Their testers found Caraway provided outstanding searing and browning.

CNET review scored Caraway 4 out of 5 stars. They found it provided an easy release of foods and made an excellent frittata.

Owners praise Caraway for its stylish design, non-toxic versatility, easy cleaning, and good heat distribution. Some say the larger pots may be a bit heavy.

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Why Choose Caraway Cookware

Key takeaways:

A lot of testers and home cooks seem to like Caraway. Reviewers say the pans heat up fast, cook food, and look great on the stove or table. Some also like that the lids and pans are designed to store when you’re done cooking to save space.

So in a nutshell, Caraway makes trendy and toxin-free nonstick pans designed for how people cook today. If you want cookware that’s both stylish and eco-friendly, Caraway is worth considering.


So in summary, Caraway is a newer non-toxic, ceramic cookware brand focused on functional design. Their environmentally conscious pots and pans offer high performance with aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking for a PFOA-free upgrade from traditional nonstick, Caraway is a top option to consider.

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