Double Chimney in Kitchen Usage, Benefits, Features 2022

What is a double chimney in kitchen? Let’s find out today.

Hygiene and health go hand in hand; one can enjoy a healthy life by keeping things clean. The kitchen is an integral part of every home as all the cooking takes place inside the kitchens. This chimney is why it is so vital to keep the kitchen neat. And today, we are covering the double vent in a kitchen in detail.

Use of the best cleaning materials may prove helpful, but a kitchen with smoke and grease cannot help. Grease and grime inside the kitchen will never let one enjoy a healthy kitchen in any case. This chimney is why every intelligent cook wants to install a kitchen chimney. 

A kitchen chimney or hood install to keep the kitchens free from grease, grimes, and smoke. No one wants to smoke out during cooking, and people can only ensure that with the kitchen chimneys.

A hood can ensure clean air one way or the other. It will either take the unwanted stand out of the kitchen or filter it before releasing it back into the kitchen. A double chimney in the kitchen will prove even more helpful as you will have two machines at work. A pair of intelligent hoods will prove productive for the people. 

A pair of kitchen hoods will ensure fresh air and clean surroundings. One can try different kinds of chimneys to install more than one hood inside a kitchen. It will yield even better results in the longer run.

The results, however, depend on the quality and type of chimney installed in a kitchen. So, let’s look at different types of ducts and their functions before deciding which one remains suitable for your kitchen. 

Types of Chimneys Based on Their Function

The primary function of every kitchen chimney is to render a kitchen the freshness and cleanliness that it deserves. But, depending on the built-in design, a hood will always perform that function differently.

One can choose one of the below-described types of chimneys to make one’s kitchen look fresh constantly. Persona n can ensure constant cleanliness with the use of a high-class kitchen hood. Now let’s take a look at both different types of chimneys.

Ducting or Extracting

Ducting or extracting chimneys come with filters that grasp the grease and smoke during the suction process. They will work with a suction motor and the PVC pipe attached to the top of the hood.

Recycling or Ductless

The ductless hood is a bit advance in design and performance as it keeps a kitchen fresh without throwing anything outside. It is also used to suck the greasy bubbles, smoke, and unwanted grim evolving during cooking.

But it is not used to throw anything out of the pipe. It works without pipes or ducts, and that’s what makes it look different. It absorbs everything within its filters and returns the fresh air to the kitchen. It can be called the recycling hood without any exaggeration.

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Types of Hoods Used in Common

When we have seen both different chimneys, it’s time to look at the various kinds of hoods used in common. 

Wall Canopy

The wall canopy is the most common type of kitchen hood used around the globe. These hoods come in different designs and shapes as people pick the most relevant ones. 

Downdraft Chimney

The advanced kitchen hoods come down to receive the grease and smoke when a stove is in operation. It then extracts back to the original position after the cooking is over. It works as an engineering machine. Kitchens with double chimneys are mainly used to work with downdraft chimneys. 

Island Canopy 

It is another marvelous kind of kitchen chimney that hangs from the ceiling to make your kitchen look great. It not only lets your kitchen look great but is also valuable for making it work great. It is helpful for the counter-top cooking range. 

Integrated Hood

The integrated hoods remain hidden behind or under the kitchen cabinets and come forward or upward to perform their functions. These chimneys crawl across the cabinets as and when it becomes necessary. All double chimney kitchens find it helpful to install integrated hoods.

They will always remain hidden and will come forward only when they are required. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying Kitchen Chimneys

People are used to buying vents to keep their kitchens healthy and clean. A few like to install double ducts in the kitchens. Hence it is always good to consider a few valuable features before buying a hood for your kitchen. The following elements need to be looked for while involved in the buying process. 

Suction Power 

Suction power is the first vital factor to look for when buying a hood for your kitchen. Remember, different hoods are built with other motors, making them suck with more or less power.

It is vital to check the suction power or rotation of the motor concerning your needs before making the purchase decision. 

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Different hoods come with a different number of filters. A few will work with the mesh filters, while a few will work with baffle and charcoal filters. The ductless hoods, being advanced in features, are used to work with charcoal filters.

It is essential to check the quality and type of the filters before buying a specific hood. All kitchens with double chimneys rely solely on the quality of filters of the hoods installed. 

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The motor drives the entire performance of a hood when we talk about the suction and clean air. Remember, the engine or the blower means to suck all the grease and grime out of your kitchen.

It is very likely to leave the smoke flowing freely across the kitchen if the blower is not strong enough to suck the smoke particles.


The size of the hood needs to take into account before making the final decision. It has to match the space and size of the kitchen. People often have allotted quite an ample area to the kitchens with more than one stove on the tabletop.

But in all such scenarios, a pair of chimneys are used to operate. Hence, size needs to choose wisely. 

Maintenance and Care 

Maintenance and care are other vital factors that come into the act when we talk about kitchen chimneys. People have to clean the ducts after a certain period, and it thus needs to be user-friendly.

One should be able to take care of the chimney with ease. It must never require hiring a technician for a day to get the maintenance done every time one wants to clean the chimney. 


All modern hoods come with noiseless technology or are used to make lesser noise.

Hence, you advise buying a hood that makes lesser noise while at work. 

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The suction power of a hood is directly related to the speed of the motor. A fast engine can ensure high suction. Although the quality of filters also matters when suctioning or holding the grease a little longer inside. But still, speed will count during the process of routine suction.

It is therefore always good to ask the sellers or check the package for the speed. 


Price is another vital factor after looking at all the required features. You may have picked up an ideal chimney for your kitchen, but the price of that hood may start making a clash with your budget.

A double chimney in the kitchen means double payment when one needs to get even scrupulous. All big kitchens with double chimneys ask for economic machines at kitchens. 

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The kitchen is a place to cook and serve meals and a great site that presents the entire home. It should be adorned and taken care of, just like a drawing-room.

Remember, a kitchen hood represents your aesthetics, and this is why you should choose one that adorns your kitchen in the best possible way. 

Warranty and Service

Last but not least is the warranty and service you get from the seller—every good machine with a valid warranty and service terms. One should prefer to buy the hoods with the best warranty coverage and fabulous service terms. 

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Why You Should Consider a Double Chimney in Kitchen?

double chimney in kitchen

A double chimney in the kitchen means more power to your kitchen. It will add light and will render you the freshness you like. Many people think that a kitchen hood only means to suck the smoke and oil drops out of the cooking range. But it is good to know that it sucks heat as well.

Hence, every busy kitchen deserves a double kitchen hood in general. It is especially required when there are multiple stoves at work. Some other reasons why you should consider a double chimney in your kitchen describe below. 

Extra Lighting

Extra lighting requires in every kitchen, and people can manage that by installing a pair of hoods. Someone may wonder why installing a hood for lighting can also be done by adding another lamp.

The answer to this simple question is that a hood will provide the light where needed, i.e., right on the cooking pot. It will also take the smoke away and will make the light look effective. 

Multi-Purpose Use 

People used to install two chimneys in a kitchen are used to install different types of vents.

Both of the chimneys uses in different scenarios. Sometimes one may not require sucking the air out of the kitchen, which is when a ductless or recycling hood can be helpful. While on another occasion, one may require sucking the hot air and smoke out of the kitchen, which is when a conventional hood will serve the purpose. 

Added Cleanliness 

Every kitchen chimney means to keep your kitchen clean. So, what about adding just another machine to perform the job with even more perfection.

A pair of kitchen hoods will always render more cleanliness than the single chimney working in a constant routine. It becomes particularly true when we talk about multi-stove larger kitchens.

The hotels, resorts, and farmhouses with a big kitchen will always require more than one chimney inside a kitchen. 

Reduce Carbon Monoxide Levels 

Everyone knows that carbon monoxide is released during cooking, especially during roasting. And, this is where a hood’s role comes into the act. Installing a pair of hoods can ensure carbon-free cooking for your cook or the family member working inside a kitchen. 

Cool Off Your Kitchens More Quickly

Heat is necessary for cooking does no matter whether you use electric conduction or conventional stoves. Your kitchen is very likely to heat up after a certain period.

Every kitchen hood is supposed to take the heat out of the kitchen, but installing a pair and using them together can undoubtedly cool off your kitchen more quickly. 


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