Buying a kitchen chimney is quite an essential part of a modern kitchen, and other than the cost of the chimney, electricity consumption can be an initial concern. We are going to be talking about that exactly, by going over what is the average electric consumption of a kitchen chimney, which parts play a role, how to reduce it, and should you be worried. 

In short by the end of this article, you will have complete knowledge about how much electricity a kitchen chimney uses?

How Much Electricity A Kitchen Chimney Uses?

The answer to this question will be explained in detail following the line by line and paragrapgh to paragraph you will get what you have come for.

If you need a quick analysis, then an average modern kitchen chimney consumes around 150-250Watts of electricity. Read along to understand how, why, and what is the cost you have to pay for this. 

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The Process 

Whenever you try to calculate the electric consumption of an electronic appliance, keep in mind a few things. If something consumes 100Watts, it does not mean it’s going to always consume that much. The Wattage varies with Amps, and Voltage, along with the fact that what appliance it is and how long it is being used. 


Take the example of an air conditioning unit. It may consume much in the first hour, but the consumption is greatly reduced after an hour, and keep reducing throughout the process. Once the room temperature reaches the thermostat reading, then only the A.C fans run – making the unit consume only the electricity of a fan. 

Always keep in mind the variation, the uncertainty, and the appliance.

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Average Electric Consumption of a Kitchen Chimney 

Well, in simple words, the electric consumption is going to vary from model to model, and there is no hard and fast rule around it. We are going to assume a few things here considering an average Kitchen Chimney, and then go over how you can be sure about your calculation. 

The average kitchen chimney is composed of a few parts, and that is important because each part is going to be consuming electricity. 

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The Motors 

The motors are the major part in any chimney, and they are going to consume around 60-250 watts depending on their number and size. The not-so-good quality chimneys usually have motors that range from 60-100 watts. These burn out soon and are not efficient. 

Mid-range chimneys and good chimneys have motors that consume anywhere from 120 watts to 250 watts depending on the size of the chimney. It could have two 120-watt motors, making the total motor consumption to go 240 watts or one heavy motor. 

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Chimneys usually have two LEDs, sometimes three or four too. These lights and illumination panels consume power on their own. They can be cheap 2Watt lights or fancy 25Watt panels. It depends on the chimney’s model and size. 

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Auto-Clean Feature

The auto-clean feature of a chimney is actually quite helpful and extends the chimney life. But this comes with a consumption cost – more or less 100 Watts of electricity. 

Now not all chimneys have an Auto Clean, and some have better systems than others. So, consider the wattage to go anywhere from 80 to 120 Watts.

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Total Consumption? 

Thus, the total electric consumption of a kitchen chimney can range widely. Consider this: 

Motor (150 Watts) + Lights (50Watts) + Auto-Clean (100Watts) = 300 Watts. 

Now this calculation can not stand correct for all the models out there. Let’s take some examples. 

  • An IoT Chimney by Cosmo with Control Panel and Wireless Remote consumes a total of 236 Watts. 
  • Hindware Single Motor 60cm Chimney Consumes 222 Watts of total power. 
  • Glen Kitchen Chimney 60cm Consumes only 200 Watts. 

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How Much Electricity A Kitchen Chimney Uses

Finding Your Chimney’s Wattage!

Well, these examples might not be perfect for you. Thus, in order to find the wattage of your kitchen chimney, or the one you are looking to purchase, simply look at the specifications part in the manual and find the tab of power consumption. The wattage will definitely be written there. 

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What Does This Mean in Terms of Money?

Well, if you are thinking about how these numbers are going to convert into money, and what would a kitchen chimney actually cost you, then the calculation is rather simple. 

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Monthly Electricity Consumption – Domestic  

First, you have to calculate your monthly electricity consumption by a chimney. Watt is an hourly unit, and thus you have to calculate how many hours your chimney would be running. 

If you have one kitchen chimney in your home (one kitchen), then things are simple and less expensive. In simple terms, it usually takes 1-2 hours to cook an Indian meal. For breakfast, let’s say 30 minutes, and for lunch let’s settle on one hour. So that makes the total time per day, the chimney is going on be ON to 3 hours almost. 

You can figure out your own time and do this calculation while reading through the article. 

So, 3 hours per day goes for 90 hours per month almost. But, if you have two kitchens in your home, the timing would go for 180 hours actually. 

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How Much Electricity A Kitchen Chimney Uses?

Before we proceed further and discuss about the electric consumption of our household, you must be having a question, isn’t it?

How much electricity a kitchen chimney uses?

Well the answer to this question lies on certain parameters like, how big is your kitchen, which kitchen chimney you are using, electric consumption for domestic (household) is certainly different that from the restaurant.

So in the next few paragraph, i will reveal how much electricity a kitchen chimney uses with proper data and monthly charges that you may expect before you even buy a kitchen chimney.

Or have knowlwedge about the electric consumption.

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Monthly Electric Consumption – Domestic Business 

If you have a work-from-home restaurant setup, which is quite popular in India, then the timings are going to be different. I would assume the Chimney will be in use for more than 8 hours, making the monthly time go up to 240 hours for a single kitchen. 

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Monthly Electric Consumption – Restaurants 

If you are a restaurant owner, with a multi-stove setup kitchen, then the timings are going to be much different. For a 3-stove set-up, and a 10-hour work time, we have a monthly calculation of 900 hours of chimney time. 

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Cost Calculation

This part is a little tricky, especially for calculations within India. The formula for calculating the cost per month of an appliance is simple. You take the total monthly consumption hours of that appliance (how many hours was it in use), multiply it with the wattage of the appliance, then divide the answer by 1000. Then the figure you get, you simply multiply it by the price per unit in your region (which is tricky here). 

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So, let’s calculate using our domestic example. We assumed that in a one-kitchen home, where a chimney works for three hours daily, the monthly hours would be 90. 

Now, let’s assume you have a kitchen chimney that consumes 200 watts. 

Let’s multiply 90(Hours) with 200(Watts) = 18000(Watt-Hours). 

Divide this by 1000. The answer would be 18 KwH – which means 18 units. 

Now multiply this by the cost of one unit in your area. In India, this cost varies from state to state and changes over time, plus it is divided into three consumption groups. A normal family of four or five people would fall in Group C – slab 4 – for whom the price per unit is 7.5 

18 Units x 7.5Rs = 135Rs. 


You can calculate your own price by using the same method. We would like to assume that an average chimney costs only around 100-200Rs per month. Hope this article was helpful, let us know in the comments what your calculation is. 

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