Top 10 Kitchen Chimney Under 5000

A kitchen aims to provide cooking space to the people. It helps prepare food for the families and thus holds unique value for the people.

This chimney is adorned and loved, but one needs to have a clean kitchen besides adornment. A clean kitchen will be a healthy thing and will always be easier to trim.

We are likely to come across at least oil particles flying all around during and after cooking. People are likely to see sticky oil coupled with dust everywhere if a chimney is not in place. Many people tend to rely on exhaust fans, but they are not used to drawing the oil drops out.

The exhaust fans are good at sucking the smoke and hot air, but they will always miss the heavy oil drops fuming out of the cooking pots. This chimney is where a kitchen chimney can work; one can install an excellent vent to get things done appropriately.

Kitchen chimneys, also called hoods, are used to suck the oil drops and the smoke out of a kitchen. It is specially designed to keep the kitchens clean and healthy. One can make cooking look fun by installing a kitchen hood.

They come in different designs and ranges, but here we will present the most economical models. A complete range of economical kitchen chimneys for sale in India is here for your due consideration.

A kitchen chimney under 5000 is a thing of real value for your home. It will not only adorn your kitchen but also will keep it look neat. 

Here is a list of 10 chimneys for sale under 5000; one can pick one from the list below. 

Eurodomo Straigt Line 

Eurodomo is offering an excellent kitchen chimney under 5000. Although its original price is around 12,000rs, it provides a discount on Amazon.

Since the platform is known for offering some beautiful deals, hence here comes a chimney that can surely help you adorn your kitchen while keeping it clean at the same time. It will beautify your kitchen by adding the style and look it needs.

One can’t simply deny the deal as it is irresistible for the value it offers. A buyer is likely to get more than the money spent on this purchase as this product is fine in quality and exquisite in performance. Some salient features of this excellent kitchen hood describe below. 

Eurodomo 60cm 850 m3/hr Chimney

The Good

  • Stainless steel finish 
  • T-shaped body with curved glass
  • Wall-mounted 
  • Air suction power is 850 CMH
  • Push-button control type 
  • 59db noise level 

The Bad

  • Installation not free
  • Only 2 colors avialable

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Elica Elica 60cm

People can only experience elegance once they get to buy this good chimney. It is also offered at a discounted price as the original price may vary from seller to seller. But since you are buying online, you have the luxury of enjoying a good discount when you purchase through an online store.

It will offer black shine coupled with some delicate features to make your kitchen look superb from all perspectives. It is the most commonly used kitchen chimney offered under 5000. The cassette filters make it even useful when talking about a hood provided at an accurate low price. It is wall-mounted and works ever so smoothly. 

Elica Elica 60cm

The Good

  • Metallic finish coupled with black elegance 
  • Curved shape
  • Wall-mounted 
  • 880 CMH air suction capacity 
  • Touch button control panel 
  • Noise level, 58db 

The Bad

  • Only 2 colors avaiable
  • 1500 installation charges
  • Mixed opinion among people about the product

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Greenchef Namco 60CMS BK

Green chef a super kitchen chimney when we talk about the kitchen hoods for sale under 5000. It can consider as a real-fine kitchen chimney under 5000 in India. It offers a standard size coupled with an elegant design.

It steers your kitchen like a good caretaker. It takes care of everything odd coming as a byproduct of cooking inside your kitchen. You can rely on this hood without any hesitation. It will ensure a healthy and happy kitchen for your family.

It is offered at a real-time discount as its features don’t allow the producer to sell at that low price. But you are lucky to be born in an era where sellers are competing for customers. A 64% discount is waiting for you, but you can look at its features before availing of the offer.

Green chef A20 Akeno BK 60cm

The Good

  • Stainless steel finish body 
  • Pyramid shape 
  • Wall-mounted design 
  • A powerful 900 CMH air suction capacity 
  • Push-button control panel for hassle-free operation.
  • A nominal 58db noise level. 

The Bad

  • Currently unavaiable
  • Solds out quickly
  • Not enough review

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Femerell Pyramid Classic FA-212

Many families want to add a black shine to their kitchen. The ordinary kitchen paints or the capacity of black to match the pot colors make it the most practical option. This chimney is why many kitchen ch neys develop in black shape.

Black and silver are the most dominant colors when talking about kitchen chimneys around us. Femerell also had the urge to meet the marketing demand, and hence it comes up with this classic kitchen hood.

It designs to meet the customers’ aesthetics, but it will also meet their needs besides meeting their aesthetics.

It means to suck the air at a reasonable speed while working at a low noise level. It is offered at a very nominal price when we talk about its features. It can be considered the best among kitchen chimneys provided at a nominal fee.

A kitchen chimney under 500 is always the best option, but the price alone serves the purpose. The features also need to be helpful, and thus, we have the elements for the customers. 

Femerell Pyramid-Classic FA-212

The Good

  • Black coated metallic look
  • Pyramid shape for an exotic look
  • Wall-mounted 
  • 900 CMH air suction capacity
  • Push-button control panel 
  • 57db noise level

The Bad

  • Price is on higher side and it fluctuates

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Euro Fresh Acura black 60CK 60 SS

It’s time to get to add more items after having a look at the black shine. Black kitchen chimneys are most commonly used all around us. It becomes even admirable when it is presented with a metallic look. Euro Fresh has designed this masterpiece to meet the needs of its customers.

Although the original price of Acura black is not under 5000, you can still get it online at that price. It can be termed as the best kitchen chimney under 5000 for its features for the users. It is a value-added kitchen chimney that is guaranteed to deliver high-quality performance. 

  • Pyramidal shape 
  • Wall-mounted design 
  • Shiny black shade for an enhanced look
  • 900 CMH air suction capacity 
  • Push-button control panel 
  • 58db noise level 

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Blowhot 60cm Ariel Chimney 

We will continue to amaze you with the black beauty as the next on our list is BlowHot Ariel kitchen chimney under 5000. It is a black wall-mounted model for a modular kitchen. You may not get the installation services at this discounted price, but you will surely get the design and features you need.

The push control coupled with baffle filters makes it a valuable option for the users. BlowHot will keep your kitchen cool by blowing all the hot air and oil droplets out of your kitchen. This quality product is bound to render high utility levels to the buyers. One can get some splendid features with this product. 

BLOWOUT 60 Cms Ariel Chimney

The Good

  • Shiny black finish 
  • Rectangular shape for a broader look
  • Wall-mounted model
  • 800 CMH air suction capacity 
  • The Control panel is powered with the pushbuttons
  • 59db noise level 

The Bad

  • Only 2 variant available
  • Ducting Pipe will be purchased separately
  • There will be one Chimney, Hood, plastic pipe , clamps and screws will be there in box

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 Zeroun 60cm

This splendid kitchen chimney under 5000 is bound to make your kitchen look marvelous. It will save you bucks and will ensure a healthy kitchen. An extended suction space makes it look incredible for chefs. It can provide the much-needed eco-friendly cooking experience by keeping the air clean inside a kitchen.

It is fabulous in design and fantastic in features. It can prove to be the best option if you are looking for kitchen chimneys below 5000. It is known for extended use. Being sold on Amazon makes it look even trustworthy for the buyers.

Zeroun 60cm 800 m3/hr Chimney

The Good

  • Shiny metallic finish for an extended use
  • Pyramidal shape with extended suction space 
  • Wall-mounted 
  • Push-button control panel 
  • 800 CMH air suction capacity 

The Bad

  • Service not that great

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KAFF META 60 SS, grey

This excellent kitchen chimney is for sale at a price under 5000 on Amazon. One can avail of the deal and save a definite amount of bucks by buying it. It is easy to install and efficient in performance.

It offers a powerful suction capacity coupled with state-of-the-art filters. The broadened suction space makes it useful even for the double stove kitchen. It uses aluminum cassette filters while illuminating the kitchen with fine-quality lamps at the same time.

The soft control panel makes it more than useful for the cooks. It offers multiple speeds as you can use it in a variety of cooking. 


The Good

  • Grey color body
  • Wall-mounted 
  • An extended pyramidal shape 
  • Soft and easy to handle Push-button control panel
  • A very useful 925 CMH air suction capacity 

The Bad

  • Only one variant, grey
  • Price i

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Table Craft BBQCC Charcoal Chimney 

You are not supposed to cook always as friends and cousins can also storm in on off days. This chimney is when you are looking to have a BBQ night party. But smoke is likely to disturb you and the honorable guests. This chimney is when a BBQ charcoal kitchen chimney under 5000 will work for you.

It will render you a smooth experience during a BBQ party. Its design sucks the smoke while making the baking look more accessible than you would even imagine.

It may not look applicable to all kinds of cooking, but it is a thing of value for everyone involved in arranging BBQ parties. People can also use it at hotels as chefs can also use it during BBQ baking. 

Table Craft BBQCC Charcoal Chimney 

The Good

  • Metallic body 
  • Wooden handle 
  • Wide space for suction 

The Bad

  • Not enough review, check the product and see if it fulfills your requirement

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 Winston Ace 60cm 

You can continue to amaze with the exquisite kitchen chimney range we are presenting under 5000. The Winston Ace is a kitchen chimney that means to ensures a smooth cooking experience.

You will never require spending that much to take this helpful tool to your kitchen. It is under 5000 and is available on Amazon. You will never need to worry about the quality as Amazon is always there to ensure its buyers.

It offers in dexterous design and quality that matters. This baffle filter-aided kitchen hood is designed to deliver fine suction. Although its motor provides powerful suction, the baffle filters make it look even unique.

Winston Ace 60cm 

The Good

  • Silver color 
  • Wall-mounted 
  • Designed for modular kitchens 
  • Push-button control panel
  • Pyramidal shape for enhanced suction 
  • Powerful 950 CMH air suction capacity

The Bad

  • Only one variant avialable

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You can find a different set of chimneys while looking to buy a chimney under 5000. It depends on the features and the making material to decide the price of a kitchen hood. But that’s not the only thing that matters, as online sellers compete to get more sales.

This chimney is what makes it easier for you to grab a chimney at a nominal price. You need to keep an eye on the offers make on E-commerce platforms. Online selling platforms like Amazon can serve you with a beautiful deal.

You can buy a kitchen chimney at a discounted price from such a platform. Several sellers are offering some incredible deals on Amazon India. 

You can get a variety of options even on the first-page organic search. Flipkart and eBay are also working to enhance your buying experience.

It is just a matter of intelligent buying when it comes to grabbing a deal online. One needs to decide on the design, size, suction power, and color of the hood before finding the deals. Once you have decided on the features, it’s time to get to the correct value for the right product.  

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