Today Egg Rate in Ottappalam

Last 30 Day Report
Price Up / Down: - ₹0.14
Percentage: - 3.04%
Today Rate: ₹4.46
30 Days Ago Rate: ₹4.6
Today Egg Rate In Market
NECC Egg Price: ₹4.46 ₹133.8
Whole Sale Rate: ₹4.46 ₹133.8
Retail Rate: ₹4.78 ₹143.4
Super Market Rate: ₹4.87 ₹146.1
Ottappalam Egg Rate Chart
Lowest and Highest Egg Price Chart
Egg Rate in Ottappalam

What is the Latest Egg rate in Ottappalam?

Do you want to know the current price of eggs in Ottappalam, their fluctuations, and all other relevant details? Hence, you have come to the proper place.

Most of us are especially interested in learning the most recent prices for basic food items like eggs, veggies, fruits, etc. For many Ottappalam inhabitants, eggs constitute an essential part of their diet.

We have access to the most recent Ottappalam egg pricing data, so I wrote this guide to keep our consumers informed of changes in the market. It may help to simplify your purchasing decision.

Whether you're a cook, housewife, or just a fan of eggs, our guide will give you the most recent facts and information regarding Ottappalam's market pricing for eggs.

What is Ottappalam's Current Egg Rate?

In Ottappalam vibrant egg market, prices are constantly fluctuating and skyrocketing throughout India.

The market demand and supply dynamics have resulted in an average price for one egg of ₹4.46, as per the information we have gathered.

Also, based on the most recent statistics, eggs cost only ₹4.46 cents each, ₹133.8 for a tray, ₹446 for every 100 pieces, and ₹936.6 for PETI alternatives. You will need to select which pricing is best for you.

For a complete grasp of the current egg rates in Ottappalam, it is crucial to keep track of the ongoing changes in price and supply.

Our portal is committed to giving you access to the most recent egg prices in India every day. We monitor market trends to give our loyal consumers reliable information.

How can I find the most recent egg prices in Ottappalam?

Fortunately, finding the most recent egg prices and data on market fluctuations for various products (including eggs) has never been simpler or more accessible.

There are many resources and tools available for consumers to use in the modern market and for internet penetration in order to stay informed about the current market rates.

Internet resources like offer a simple and dependable method of getting up-to-date information about Ottappalam egg costs.

By bookmarking this page, you can easily and quickly check the most recent egg price in Ottappalam, keeping you informed and enabling you to choose eggs with confidence.

What is the current NECC Egg Rate in Ottappalam?

We also know that Ottappalam, India's largest city, serves as the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), which regulates egg prices throughout India, including in Ottappalam.

The National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) reports that Ottappalam currently has India's highest egg prices.

An egg costs ₹4.46 rupees in Ottappalam as of right now. Why Ottappalam's egg prices are so high is unclear (increased demand, Population, supply chain Disturbance, or local market conditions).

What is the current wholesale price of eggs in Ottappalam?

One of the most crucial questions for people in the purchasing and selling of eggs in Ottappalam today is what the wholesale price of eggs is.

For profit maximisation, it is crucial to be aware of the going market rate as well as to keep track of what other suppliers are charging for their eggs.

You can use the most recent wholesale egg prices in Ottappalam to guide your business selections. According to the most recent information, the wholesale price of eggs in Ottappalam is currently ₹4.46 per egg and ₹133.8 per tray.

This price is based on the wholesale price at which eggs are offered to retailers and other market participants in large quantities.

What was Ottappalam lowest egg rate during the last 30 days?

According to the statistics provided for the previous 30 days, Ottappalam had the lowest egg rate at ₹4.46 per egg. This rate indicates a decrease in both up and down movement, which is a change of 3.04% from the current rate of ₹4.46 cents per egg.

To prevent losses or shortages, consumers and retailers should keep an eye on these developments. It also benefits every seller of eggs, even if you operate a small-scale egg business.

What was Ottappalam highest egg rate over the last 30 days?

In Ottappalam, the highest rate of eggs in the last 30 days was ₹4.6 per egg, which was noted recently.

Individual eggs were priced more, with a tray of 30 eggs costing ₹133.8 and a package of 100 eggs costing ₹446.

The price of a "Peti" or sizable cage holding 240 eggs is ₹936.6. Yet, it is important to remember that such high rates are frequently just transitory, and that prices may even stabilise or fall.

As a result, you must constantly monitor the most recent information and base your purchase choices on market fluctuations in order to maximise your profits.


Many Ottappalam people enjoy eating eggs, therefore it's important to stay informed about market prices at all times.

Online tools like Homeick and the National Egg Coordination Committee make it simple for customers and dealers to access up-to-date information on egg prices in Ottappalam.

The average cost of an egg in Ottappalam is presently Rs.₹4.46 per piece, with a tray of 30 eggs costing Rs. ₹133.8 and a tray of 100 eggs costing Rs. ₹446.

Thanks for visiting; please check back frequently for the most recent updates on the egg rate in Ottappalam. Hopefully you now have the most recent information.


According to the NECC egg rate, today egg rate in Ottappalam is ₹4.46 per piece.

According to the NECC egg rate, today rate of 1 tray of eggs in Ottappalam is ₹133.8 per 30 pieces.

According to the NECC egg rate, today rate of 1 peti of eggs in Ottappalam is ₹937 per 210 pieces.

According to the NECC egg rate, today eggs rate in Ottappalam is ₹446 per 100 pieces.